Warped records please advise

Hi ,
I have just taken some of my records out of storage and unfortunately some are warped due to a box on top of the one the records were in . how can I straiten them ?

Thank you Alex
How bad are they warped? Are they the thin US 80's vinyl? 200g?
Search the archives. This has been well covered. It is a difficult propesition.
I remember when that was a problem for me. Not a problem anymore with my VPI HRX turntable with the periphery ring. This very heavy piece of milled aluminum flattens the mosts stubbornly warped records.

There are less expensive turntables that also provide this feature.
In answer to " US " ? no , there European print late 70's 80's
and the warping is not that bad i think . but some are a little curled on one side and some are just not truly flat .
I had the same problem with my records. Now I have the
Air Tight DT-01 Orb Disc Flattener now this is about $ 1900 new and i know that FURUTECH is comming out with one as well pretty soon
For anything but accute edge warps, a decent record clamp will take care of it. Record weights will not take care of anything but mild warps on thinner records. I have made some simple clips out of brass wire that clip the edges of edge warped records to my platter. (see my system for pics of both) It is very tenuous grabbing the edge without getting in the way of the stylus on the lead in groove.

For a cheap alternative to the expensive Airtight noted above, you can buy two of the Rega P1 glass platter upgrades for $140 and put them in a convection oven at the lowest temperature for a half hour and then let it sit for several hours before removing.