Warped records in SF bay area

Anyone have experience with the Furutech df-2?
Good stories or bad? Seems the oven and glass route is nit very giood.

My opinion is that unless you have a s#*tload of warped records, this is a rediculously expensive toy. I would think it cheaper and easier to just replace the warped LPs or just play them as is.
Ditto the above post.
Get an outer ring...warps will be a non issue 99% of the time, unless it's real bad.
Needle To The Groove record shop in Fremont has a record flattening machine. I don't remember how much they charge per record, but it's worth a call if you only have a few warped records.
I think Brian at the Analog Room in San Jose also has one of those record flattening machines.

It would probably be worth paying him, or someone who has such a machine, a few dollars to get the few(?) records you have flattened, rather than paying a huge amount for a machine you will only use very occasionally.

My two cents worth.
Hey Crubio,

Did you see this?

Inexpensive Record Flattener

Heck, it is even a local sale for you!

I have no idea how well it works, or if it works at all.
(But I saw it and immediately thought of you!)

Good Luck!

Thanks for the tips. Very considerate.