warped lp's

Recently purchased a sealed album but it severly warped. Does anyone know of a way to fix it?

. . . covered at length in the archives. search "warped"
Well found the archives and searched warped and well there it is. Not alot of help but ok thanks for the suggestion.

when I start a thread here I am trying to gain knowledge from persons who have it without having to search archives full of alot of info which contains alot of needless crap. Not to say that there is not helpful info to be obtained.

Kind of appreciate an opinion from those who have experiences with the topic. If you do not know I am sure I, and others, would appreciate it if you would not respond to threads you feel are "below" you. If however you thought that you were being helpful I apologize and thank you.

So my question stands as stated. Does anyone know a remedy for a warped LP?
it seems this thread covers everything there is to know. I have no experience with it, I only recalled seeing it when trying to decide what to do with my own warp issue. If that's not helpful, then maybe someone else will chime in . . .
if it plays, no sweat
It plays but not so well. I am more worried about the effect it will have on my table so was looking for a way to fix it if possible.

Am sure this won't be the last warped lp I buy and to tell the truth I did not pay much for it so throwing it away would not kill me. Had I paid 30 bucks for it, as I have on others, I might be a bit upset.

I did find some ideas as suggested by Bdgregory(thanks) but am still open to suggestions from others who have tried to fix warped vinyl.

So, as stated earlier, any info from persons with experience in this matter will be appreciated
I purchased 2 granite tiles at home depot over the weekend and plan to try to flatten a Ron Carter LP I bought used which has a terrible warp in track 1 and won't play. I'm going to try the procedure in the posted thread in the next day or so. I'll let you know the results. If it works, I have a few others - one of which is my new Portishead 3 that while it plays, is a little hard to track.
Thanks be intrested to know how it works out for you. I buy alot of lp's on audiogon and elsewhere and am sure to end up with more warped ones. Thats the chance I take buying sight unseen. Most of what I buy it in great shape.

Appreciate your input and good luck with your project this weekend.
It works every time!
I know someone who uses 2 glassplates and some kitchen paper towels. Just make a sandwich of glass/paper/warped LP/paper/glass. Let it warm up in in the sun. The paper is to prefent the LP from sticking to the glass. I think some smooth granite or marble will also work.
I flattened my Ron Carter LP today. I used 2 12x12 granite tiles purchased from home depot ($5.49 each). One side is polished, the other rough. I pre-heated my oven to 200 degrees F. I Sandwiched the LP between the tiles and I used no fasteners or anything else. The LP was directly in contact with the tile. I placed the "sandwich" in the oven and turned the oven off. I came back about 5 hours later and removed the LP, cleaned it, and played it. The warp was really bad before, so bad it was in trackable. Now the LP is completely flat. I see no other adverse efects from the procedure.
Great and congrats on a positive result. For the price I shall also go get granite marble tiles and give it a try on an album I don't care much for. Just want to be sure my oven temp is ok then I will do it to others.

Thanks for your input Bdgregory and I will post my results also :)