warped CDs - Shanling T100 has a problem

I seem to be having a problem lately with CDs that are less that perfect in my Shanling t100. I've bought a number of CDs recently that have been so warped they rub the bottom plate of the CD mechanism. I've had luck returning a few. Recently I bought a new release from Amazon, as soon as I put it on it would rub, so I exchanged it... and the replacement rubbed. I've also had one that would not turn at all. These all work in chepo players around the house. The vast majority of my CD play fine. Is my shanling broke or is CD quality just that bad.
I've been able to make it work by cutting out a little cardboard disk to put under the CD (to raise it up enough to tolerate the warp.
Almost all CD players "lift" the CD up to lock it in place.
Clearly your player is not lifting them 'enough' for some CDs.
Ask your dealer if the lift can be adjusted to clear, or if the drawer can be slightly lowered. You could even have the drawer removed, and machined down, so the surface of the drawer is lower... if that is the only solution
I never saw a warped CD.
Elizabeth, The T100 does not have a drawer hence it does not "lift" the CD.


Of about 1000 CD I own I only have 3 with this problem. One is very minor and I did not notice until it was too late to return, the other was replace with a "perfect one" and the third was replaced with another warped one. When spinning you can easily see the wobble... and it appears that the clamp is working just fine.