Warning Will Robinson - Scrambled Digital Signals

I recently tried to burn a best of Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD-R from the 4 Christmas disc that I own. After listening - every song that was from the latest disc were scrambled and scratch like sounding on the CD-R. I read that some companies and labels were going to start this so that digital copies could not be made. It is no where on the original CD that it is encoded this way. It will burn in through analog means. Are any other CD's encoded this way - we need to start a caution site to avoid ruined recordings? I am only saying this for making mixes of material we already own.
I believe universal is lauching all new releases soon if not already with copy protection. If I get any encoded cd that is not labeled as such they are going back for a refund and I will let ths store know so they are aware of the problem....this is very sneaky. The other labels are going to follow suit is the lattest rumour.....to copy encode is one thing. To not label product as such is unethical IMO...cheers, no, rather, bah, humbug....this ticks me off.....bluenose