Warning: Sony SACD & pilot error

I turn off the display on my Sony 9000ES, so I had not realized that the failure to play SACD was my error. I tried to play the SACD layer of "Let It Bleed" with no success, so I turned off SACD, played the redbook layer then forgot to reset the Sony. Without feedback, I was unaware that the 9000 had displayed a disc dirty error code. With SACD off, the 9000 would recognize the SACD layer of other discs, then revert to red book. Once I turned the display on and realized the error, the 9000 has played every SACD I've tried, but not LIB -- not sure how you can clean an SACD layer.


For questions regarding SONY SACD players and their quirks, you should try visiting the Hi Rez (SACD) forum at Audio Asylum . Very educational and a hot topic these days as more users are encountering SONY SACD Hybrid issues now that their machines are nearing the warranty expiration date. The bad/defective/dirty disc error that SONY cd/dvd products tend to display (C13 00) rarely means that. You may just need to reset your machine. Some SONY machines run a self-diagnostic when you do the following:

Turn on your 9000ES.
Pop in the "Let it Bleed" SACD.
Close the tray.
Once the SONY has completed its initialization cycle, turn off your 9000ES with the SACD still in the tray.
Turn your 9000ES back on.

Let us know how you make out.

Regards, Rich
My 9000ES is currently at the Sony repair center in Laredo, TX.
An informed Agon member told me that the primary firmware, AKA version 1.3, is the culprit.
Chip must be upgraded to version 2.0 or better.
V1.3 will not play multi-channel SACDs.
I included some multi-channel disks for tech testing.
Should have the player back within two weeks.
Cost of repair is (fixed) $133 plus forward shipping (about $32 from 'Vegas).
Rich & Dweller,

Thanks Rich. I'll try your suggestion. I forgot about Audio Asylum, and that may be where I read so many of complaints about 9000s failing to play the SACD layer that I decided to post my experince.

Thanks Dweller for the info about software versions. My 9000 will only play the redbook layer of multi-channel SACDs. Sony used to have a repair center in the San Fernando Valley near LA. How did you find a list of the centers?


I tried putting in the disc, letting it initialize, then turning off the power with the remote with no effect. Then I tried the same procedure except turning the power off at player and waiting a few minutes. That seemed to do the trick, and it began playing the SACD layer of LIB only to freeze midway in the first track. By freeze, I mean not even respond to signals from the remote. I filled out the application to send the unit to Sony Repair in Texas, and that may be my next step -- or send it to Dan Wright at ModWright for the best mod that does not use a tube stage.


Customer service numbers per Sony web site:

1-800-222-7669 or 1-888-772-7669
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM-10:00PM / Sat-Sun 10:30AM-7:15PM EST