WARNING Counterfiet cables

I thought I would bring to the attention of members that an American retailer is knowingly selling counterfeit Synergistic Research Cables.

see link below


be careful guys!!!!!!
MSS Hi-Fi AKA Audio Pimp? wow, what a surprise there.
The former Audio Pimp is at it again. It's amazing that after all of the people he has swindled that he is not in jail, let alone still allowed to run a business.
He will probably just change the mane of his company.

I am the poor Shmuck that got scammed. I have to say that Synergisitc Research have been unbelievably helpful and considerate.

I have returned the cable to them with all documentation and email trails.
They will be taking legal action against MSS HiFi. I am amazed he is still allowed to do business.

SR have offered to send me an "original" cable. I am prepared to fly to USA to appear in the court case if the need arises.

Please note!!!! They promised the cable would arrive between 3-4 weeks it took 6.5 weeks!!!!!

I paid by PayPal you CAN'T file a complaint if it is after 45 days of purchase so I can not get my money back!!!!!!!!

Please let as many mambers know if possible through all firm discussion topics so no one else is scammed!!!!

Heck out this link below

Synergistic Research is a great company, making great products. They have had a warning on their website for some time warning of counterfeit products.
Selling fake cables and knowingly selling fake cable are two different things. What evidence do you have that they knowingly sold you something that is not what it is supposed to be?

I've never dealt with them, but this retailer has a reputation. Whether earned or not, it does raise the question of why you would deal with him?

The reason I bring these points up is that we are being presented with only one side of the story and experience has taught me that there's always something left unsaid.
1) Stated that they had to wait 3-4 weeks to have the cable made from the SR factory.

SR confirmed that MSS are NOT an authorised dealer and they have NEVER made this cable as stated by MSS.

Confirmed fact

2) the serial numbers on the cable sent to me have been confirmed by SR as being made years ago to another customer in a different configuration.

See links above

3) when asked why there is no warranty information in the box I was supplied this relply by John Boey

Please note admission of cable from the "factory"!!!!

Warranty info is attached. You have everything that the factory shipped with
the cables.

As to the authenticity, the answer is straight forward - we don't sell fake
products. If we do, we wouldn't call ourselves such pompous and self
righteous names as Leaders of The Free World and Audio Robin Hood.

Are you a man who knows how to appreciate the nice things that you buy, or
do you just buy something based on a name? I have immaculate tastes. Go
ahead, show me anything fancy that I have never heard of, I can tell you
either (a) real or fake, or (b) I don't care. Be it a clothing article of a
designer that I've never heard of, a piece of art by an artist I've never
heard of, a high class Australian racehorse I've never heard, or a
heart-pounding Australian courtesan that I've never heard of, if it tickles
my fancy I will be able to tell you if it's not the real McCoy. And when I
call something fake, I call it with conviction, I don't go about asking "how
can I be sure that it's genuine?".

I have never even considered this a special ability. Am I being naive that
all consumers should possess this kind of ability to appreciate everything
that they buy? I guess I have strong opinions. Call me misguided, idealistic
or even delusional, after all my mind is not the most stable of all my
faculties. If I ever lose it one day, I would definitely buy everything
locally at full retail rather than taking a chance sight unseen. The stress
and self doubt cannot be good for my mental well being, and I most certainly
would not risk losing my mind for any amount of savings.

Johnny Boey
115 W 27th St
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 888-MSS-1HiFi or 212-2060994
Fax: 212-2066493
Cell: 518-5266925
website: www.msshifi.com

Please read this link for a copy of an "emailed" warranty supplied after I requested twice for one.

Thanks for the warnings. Each and every crook should be weeded out regardless of the story. You'd feel the same way if YOU were the victim and got burned. I saw some wilson speakers on ebay the other day just suddenly disappear then reappear under fixed and action on ebay. Is it the same set of speakers or 2 different sets? I hate to learn of bad news thru others misfortunes, but please let us all know.
I love that the "counterfeit alert" on the Synergistic Research homepage is situated directly below a picture of a counterfeit womb chair in a listening room. Seems a little hypocritical.
MSS Hi-Fi is not only a scammer. He has a filthy mouth. He is a pathological thug -- an out-and-out criminal type. IMO. He nearly caught me in a transaction but I became suspicious and reacted quickly after sending a large sum to him by PayPal. I threatened him with a PayPal dispute. I received a full refund within hours. I truly hope he will be vigorously prosecuted.
It is now clear to me that he knowingly sold you a fake cable. Were you under the impression that he was an authorized dealer?
Yes, via emails with him. He always mentioned the time it would take to get from the "factory".

Just don't want anyone else to lose money from this scam artist.

Trying to alert as many members as possible. I wonder how many other counterfeit products people have purchased unknowingly.
Here we go again.

John Boey aka Audio Pimp aka MSS HiFi.

The biggest scam artist in audio industry. There's 87 pages about this crook on audio aficionado.
BTW - there is a good story about Johnny:

I find it highly unprofessional to send a customer a reply such as that quoted above. Wow, is all that comes to mind. Thanks for the info.
It is extremely disturbing that he is still trading in America. He wouldn't last a minute in some other countries