Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com

I just wanted to pass along some concerns with this dealer. 

I ordered a tube amp a couple weeks ago that was shown in stock (actually listed as a discounted customer return). and after 8 days of waiting for a shipping notification I asked about the status and was told it was delayed because the owner had to verify his UPS account. ??? They listed DHL Fedex and UPS as shipping services with 3 - 7 day delivery time for the $595 shipping charge I paid.

Since that response I have asked several times to cancel the order and even thru Paypal communications but am now being ignored. No refund and no shipment. So now it is in Paypal claim and I will be waiting many more days to see a refund.

Very disappointing experience with this dealer.

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Ordered many items over many years from mainland China and Hong Kong, mostly through ebay sellers with much feedback over the long term. Never had a single problem. I don't purchase the higher price items, four, five hundred dollars max. I've also had good experiences with both with Apos and Shenzhen audio.

As for Chinese audio in general, I bet the vast majority of systems contain Chinese components and/or finished products. There can be no doubt our financial well being will take a serious hit if Chinese/USA relations deteriorate into a more serious trade war.
I live in Argentina and I've bought several ítems from China HiFi Audio, including my Line Magnetic LM-508 amp, with out ANY issue. In fact, the owner of the website, Mr Yong is a gentleman and he has always been very professional and fast in the comunication with me.

Regarding chinese audio gear, all of my system, but the speakers and some tweaks, are from China or the far east (Line Magnetic, Audio-GD and SOtM). To be honest, Ive heard systems costing more than 5 times mine not sounding as good. Many chinese audio gear have great quality to price ratio.
I can live without a lot of the Sinophobia being expressed here. It's really uncalled for. A lot of Asian folk are being attacked senselessly in the US right now, which just goes to show that irrationality has no specific home.
A lot of that xenophobia seems to make it's way here. It's an ongoing thing as it's de rigueur around here with some people. 

All the best,
Shipping costs are a problem, but many people had good experiences with this retailer. And those R8 amps are pretty damn good.