Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com

I just wanted to pass along some concerns with this dealer. 

I ordered a tube amp a couple weeks ago that was shown in stock (actually listed as a discounted customer return). and after 8 days of waiting for a shipping notification I asked about the status and was told it was delayed because the owner had to verify his UPS account. ??? They listed DHL Fedex and UPS as shipping services with 3 - 7 day delivery time for the $595 shipping charge I paid.

Since that response I have asked several times to cancel the order and even thru Paypal communications but am now being ignored. No refund and no shipment. So now it is in Paypal claim and I will be waiting many more days to see a refund.

Very disappointing experience with this dealer.

I can fix any power or pre-amp from China or anywhere else and I do it as a hobby so very little cost if you live in the US. I am an Aussie but live in Denver. I have a reputation for enhancing these, tube or solid state. Be safe, John.
Having ordered from China before (Not Audio), I am astounded that the $595 shipping charge did not seem excessive or bogus.
50 kilo amps are not cheap to ship to the US from China. Trust me on that. I live in Korea. It costs a hell of a lot to ship something from the US to me. 

As for the Chinese made amps, I'd recommend getting them through Singapore. I got my Line Magnetic 805 from Robert Lai at SG Live Acoustics. Robert ran it in for a couple of weeks, made some upgrades, checked it over, and it's been running quite well. He takes good care of his customers and his prices are remarkable. My local dealer was only selling the 508, so I went with Robert. For Muzishare (made by the same company), Quartz Acoustics in Singapore is a good option. They also have excellent prices and carefully run in their equipment. 

The Line Magnetic is state of the art. Some of the garbage being said about Chinese equipment is just that. And I'm glad I got the advice I did from Audiogon folks about this amp, people like Facten for example. 

I can live without a lot of the Sinophobia being expressed here. It's really uncalled for. A lot of Asian folk are being attacked senselessly in the US right now, which just goes to show that irrationality has no specific home.
I have purchased Shuguang vacuum tubes from China-hifi-audio.com. One was a quad of WE KT-88 Plus tubes. One of the tubes went bad after they no longer were available and towards the end of the one-year warranty period. I figured i was SOL, but Yong managed to find a replacement. It took a while, and he was a little slow on email which he apologized for, but he stood behind the product he sold.

I don’t doubt Calieng’s experience. Just another data point.
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