Warming up the tubes using a tuner may not necessarily lead to putting on an album

Since converting from a solid-state amp to a vacuum tube amp I generally turn the system on and have the pre-amp selector set to the FM vacuum tuner. I run the tuner from anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour before putting on an album to warm up the tubes. I fully intend to listen to an album. A lot of times, perhaps half of the time, I just continue to enjoy classical music from the NPR station for hours or for the entire day and evening.

This behavior somewhat puzzles me. My system is in the loft, above the living room and great sonics permeate the entire house. I do have a dedicated sweet spot in the loft for critical listening but generally, I’m not sitting up there when the tuner is on. My album discography is 60% rock, 35% jazz, 5% classical.

Does anyone else engage in this behavior?
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To be honest I never thought of background music as engage in this behavior. The last time this happened I was engaged in the behavior of having my teeth cleaned.
This is normal behavior for me. I turn on my system (tube preamp and amps), select an album from Roon and then let it play recommended artists from Quboz and Tidal for hours while I work. The music plays throughout my house. I always have music playing in my house and my office (when officially at work).
I do it also. I have music playing all day in my house. Though when just playing background music I have a Yamaha integrated I use so I do not eat up tubes just listening at low levels. KT170 are pricey. 
I purposefully listen to selected content from my 'fit my arse only' spots which are ALL centered for imaging.

1. Music system, stereo, always specifically chosen content, I don't stream here. LP's; SACD/CD; R2R tapes, rarely FM Jazz Station.

2. Video system: stereo or 5.1, pre-recorded i.e. The Voice,... Movies/Music DVD's, or selected streamed content, i.e. hop about YouTube, selecting from specific search, sometimes randomly found. btw, The Voice is all over the world, and many sing in English. 

3. Office system: most often Pandora semi-random content specifically to discover 'similar' new artists,  also LPs, R2R tapes,

4. Garage/Shop system, each a centered work area, FM Jazz; LP, Cassette, un-played 8 Track player for the joke of it I suppose.
I forgot my Napping System. No imaging, very low volume, no loudness compensation.

Porch, Zero Gravity reclining chair, remote volume cd player, fade away.
 I've been napping to the same Duke Ellington CD for over 2 years, 
The tuner is always on if listening to the stereo.

It’s great for in-between time(flipping thru LP collection or whatever) if it’s not the center of attention for listening.

I instinctively hit the remote button and select the tuner when an LP side is done-no dead air.

Tuner is pretty much dedicated to the Classical station, so when listening to R&R and Jazz LPs’s, it’s like a palate cleanse/reset for the mind.

Led Zeppelin then downshift to Bach/Mozart momentarily. A couple of musician friends love this move. 
I do about 90% of my listening not in the sweet spot, rather working on a desktop PC/desk on the side of the listening room.  I live in an FM dead zone, so a tuner is not an option, but I do often just let the Aurender roll through playlists even though my tube phono stage is warming up.
I do exactly the same.  Fully intending to spin vinyl, the new-to-me or unavailable songs keep my attention. New music winning over fabulous familiarity?
Tuners are awesome when you have a station like KRVM here in Eugene,OR!