warming up the system

Wondering what would be the average and adequate timing for warming up an amp( tube or solid state) and break in period of speakers or cables?
All gear takes time,tubes more than ss.I'm a tube guy and I usually turn the switch about an hour or 2 before settling in.Kinda like decanting that treasured red wine.New equipment all depends,JRDG Capri owners suggest 500 to 700 hours of burn in and that's solid state.Equipment with V caps average 500 hours.Other than Magnepans,many weeks,I don't have an estimate for speakers,or cabling.These numbers are based on my experience on my system,and should not be interpreted as an absolute.
A lot of variation here. My experience with a variety of tube amps, is about 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. Break in is another animal altogether, 100 hours minimum, as Markwtkiss suggests, this can run up to 500 hours plus.
I have all tubes...One hour as a rule..........Break in depends,but expect 100-200 hours ( could be less )........
It takes less than 30 minutes to break in a new vaccum tube.

There is no dielectric.

This has been discussed at length in a couple other threads.

Warm up for tube amplifiers averages 20-60 minutes.
As to a solid state amp if you have measurable or auditory changes in the performance of the amp after it has been on for 2 seconds, then you paid too much for it, whatever you paid. A design that is that unstable with temperature is not worth the paper the schematic is printed on. As to tube amps, perhaps a little longer due to the heaters. What does happen is the listener gets used to the sound, the sound doesn't change. Same thing for speaker break in past a short period of initial use - less than an hour. Cable break in is ridiculous - but a good rule of thumb is just past the time for the warranty to expire.
My old Rowland 7M monoblock furnaces take about 8 hours of playing time to stabilize sonically and yield their best when starting from standby. . . . more if you turn them on from totally off-cold. Current cool-running JRDG 312 takes longer than 7M. . . couple hrs playing after idling in ON position overnight; a day when bringing online from idle; couple of days when starting it from long off-cold. . . . admittedly, I am anally retentive. . . or delusional as some may suggest.
According to Pass Labs they recomend at least 1 to 1 1/2 hours for there amps to get up and running.