warmest speaker cables you've heard?

I'm looking for a short length of speaker cables, which i need to be as warm as possible..
Price wise, looking at USD700 and below for 1m length pair.

it'll be placed in between an Apollon stereo 1et400a power amp and a RAAL-requisite SR1a speaker adaptor box.
The SR1a is ruthless and clinical and I am looking to add as much warmth as I can. 

Assume the rest of the gear and interconnects have been decided/cannot be swapped out. So just left with the speaker cables to sort out.

I've been told the following are good candidates:
Kimber 8TC
Tellurium Q Black II
Tellurium Ultra Blue

Anything else I should be looking at?
I believe the new (as yet unseen) Loki will support balanced cables.  Better to wait for that then flush your money away on tricks.  To be honest, any cable that has any kind of audible effect with the miniscule length you're considering MUST be defective, purposely or otherwise.
Acoustic Zen or harmonic technology, OCC single crystal is the best wire for audio.
If your system sounds somehow harsh, maybe you should start addressing the core of that problem.

If you have a good music source (analog or digital) and decent cables, I wouldn't spend money on new cables. I would try different inexpensive tweaks that will help "cleaning" and improving resolution, leading to a more real and warmer sound. I mean antivibration pods, ferrite cores, tube damping, etc.

Also consider AC treatment, a big source of noise and harshness. Of course, AC power filters or AC regeneration is not cheap, but maybe a dedicated AC line is cheaper. All of them will help a lot. 
Actually, my system is far from harsh..
I built up my system around the Susvara and I think it is just about right.

I have demoed the Raal in my system twice now, and have decided to go ahead and purchase it (traded with a dude from Canada who is taking my ZMF Verite in exchange).

So I'm aware of the sound of the Raal and, with all else "equal and optimized" (or so I think..), the only other component which I do not have yet are the speaker cables. And since I have to purchase a set of speaker cables no matter what, I'm taking this opportunity to try and get a set with the "warmest" sound possible. 

On a side note, I've really no issue with folks saying that cables can't sound warm or be used as tone controls etc. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I figure, no harm trying. If anything, expectation bias and placebo do definitely exist as well, but as long as it manages to increase enjoyment of the hobby, I don't see why not too. 
Here is the thing… if your system is well balanced tonally and you add warm cables you will loose the details and end up with a system that is warm and emotional with a marked reduction in the high frequency end. I mentioned I used Cardas Gold Cross because they warmed up my system a lot. I had ribbon speakers and an overly detailed solid state preamp. The cables brought proper balance to my system, but by subtraction. My system sounded properly balanced with them.

When I retired my ribbon speakers and preamp for a ARC Reference 5. When I turned the new equipment on i just turned red with embarrassment of what I had done… all the cymbals wheat from the mid soundstage to back behind the wall… barely audible… it was not good. The leading edge of a snare drum disappeared. I think I listened for less than a minute and ran into my storage room and pulled out my 20 year old Transparent speaker cables. I switched them and instant, perfect sonic balance. Just perfect.

Years earlier my system was harsh, unforgiving, with a somewhat high noise floor. This was really well communicated through my ribbon speakers. So with Transparent, it sounded terrible. With the gold cross perfect.

The components in my system today are all compatible, of outstanding quality and of perfect tonal balance. So when I get cables and interconnects I want as transparent and non-existent as possible, so as not to get in the way. A really warm tonally balance cable, by definition is getting in the way and accomplishing this by subtraction..