Warmest speaker?

What do you feel the warmest speakers are?

I've always thought Rega speakers were rather warm.
Find an old pair of Snell Type B. Very big-hearted and plenty of warmth (in fact, they can be too much of a good thing in some rooms).
Audes Soul with warm powerful SS amp. From memory it is much more euphonic, warm and engaging than many tube based setups that I have ever heard.
I have a pair of Original KLH 5 speakers and I find them very warm..Too warm for me....
Any 3-way (or more) speaker whereby you disconnect the tweeter. Speaker warms up instantly.
For Warm , musical , involving with a great soundstage.... Try The Esp Concert Grands.
Vienna Acoustics designs are warm-sounding speakers, to my ears, even with Krell amplification.
I've heard that vandersteen are suppose to be… Polk, PSB are also to that side with the right amplification. Also full range single driver systems, mostly made out of paper can be as well…
Harbeth speakers are warm to my way of thinking.
Vandersteen--to a fault.
The heat sink fins on my speakers get pretty warm ;-)

Couldn't agree more....;-}}

Rogers LS3/5A with tube electronics fits the bill.
MANI-TWO (MANI-2) by totem acoustic........
more then a log in the fire!!!
In general Vandersteen, ProAc Response, Spica, and Meadowlark speakers when driven by tube electronics are rather warm speakers. The warmest speakers that I have owned are the Odyssey Audio Loreleis. I am listening right now and they are sweet.
had to chime in here on drewfidelity comment on meadowlark and tubes. as an owner of meadowlark kestral 2's and tube amp i certainly do NOT hear any bass rise in the range associated with the vague term 'warmth'. they are smooth and musical but hardly warm. i think some clarification of terms is in order. i've owned vintage jbl 2 ways that were warm and many older polk models tended to have a 'warm' sound but the meadowlarks are nothing like them in that 80 hz range. most mid fi spkrs are 'warm' imo but lots of people go for that effect. it covers up a poor design and resonates to create a fuller sound. i'll get off my horse now
relax, brother!
Vandersteen is extremely warm. Couldn't live with it.
"Vandersteen--to a fault"

I guess this is the Comedy forum!

And you listened to which model, and for how long (likley not more than 10 minutes at some dealer!)
Vandersteen. Can't live with it... pass the beer nuts.

Seriously, do you Vandersteen bashers feel the 5A is too warm?
I would say that the earlier versions of the Vandersteens, particularly the ones made before the 5 and the Quattro were introduced, could fairly be characterized as warm, but not their newer models. The latest iteration of the 2ce-whatever speakers that I have heard are not nearly as warm-sounding as prior versions, so perhaps the 5/Quattro technology is trickling down their line.
I've heard several vandy's in many settings. Dealer in new orlaens and lately at a friends house. was the 2ce and 3A. Way too much distortion for my taste. Sorry, just my opinion. Its a bloated sound. my friend lovcs his, and finds my Thors 'abit thin", to me its neutral and waiting to see what my new amp does with them.
Early Quads were known to arc on occasion.
I heard the vandersteen 2ce yesterday--not warm and rather disappointing overall. Right now, I am leaning towards Quad 22L2. In my audtioning of different speakers I have found it interesting how we all differ in what we feel is warm. My old ProAc Response 2's were the speaker!
that is the simple clarification i was looking for :) what are we meaning to convey when we speak of warmth. imo warmth is not a positive attribute in a spkr sound. if listeners want to add bass boost etc that's great, but i prefer a neutral spkr as a starting point. maybe 'liquid' or 'non-analytical' might be closer. semantics in audio discussions can be problematic. so much has to do with room and upstream gear that it all gets blurred. i heard thiel 7.2(?) at a dlr and they sounded distant and lifeless but i know from others they can be breathtaking.

The Vandy 5A is one of the best speakers I have heard. Much more accurate throughout the range but in particular through the bass region. I believe this has to do with the ability to tune the bass frequencies to account for room characteristics, etc. The Quatro is designed similarly but to my ear not nearly the equal of the 5A. It is the rest of the line that to me sounds fat, bloated and SLOW. This, combined with a honey colored mid and a slightly recessed top end leads me to characterize the models below the 5A (and to a lesser degree the Quatro) as WARM. I'm not Vandy basher, I just think the models from the 3A sigs downward sound overripe and ponderous. I can live with the warmth through the mids and the high frequencies as well--but overall just not a speaker for me.

Dseid--heard them all, multiple times, multiple places, multiple hours. Why so testy?
Correct, "warmth" is not a good quality in speaker voicing. Dakato puts the Vandy line of 3A down as "overipe/ponderous", IOW bloated. Another bloated, "warm" image is that of the B&W line. Could live with that sound. There are many others, but I'm only "picking" on these 2 as they are very popular. Sort of balancing the hype around these speakers. Oh yeah its just my opinion, but after 30 yrs in audio I think I have a pretty good ear. IOW "you can't fool me" Warm means distortion level is very noticable. Warm = fatigue sets in after 1 hour of listen.
What do you mean by 'warm'? To me, it means an exaggerated low end and lower mid-range. I hate that kind of sound. Vandersteen comes to mind...
Correct, an exaggerated, over-extended/bloated /muddy midrange. This is "warm". As opposed to "cool" which is accurate/clean/FIDELITY to the musical image. Vandersteen are very warm, B&W's are warm. "Cool" speakers a very rare breed. Though i know of only one.
Wait! Let us guess...
"Cool" speakers a very rare breed. Though i know of only one.
Bartokfan (Threads | Answers)

03-08-07: Drubin
Wait! Let us guess...
I'll take a guess...Maya Angelou. She's a very cool speaker...in a warm kind of way.
Horses for courses really.
Their is nothing wrong with warm sounding speakers if you have a bright or cold sounding room.
If anything bright speakers will cause fatigue before warm sounding ones.
The bextrene coned speakers of the 70s were warm sounding and many people still love them.
Many others,myself included, are past that sort of sound,but these speakers[like the Spendor BC3]are still capable of excellent sound.
"bright speakers". I'll grant it that the Seas Excel are a bit on the "steely" "bright" side. But to my ears the musical image comes clearly through. With "warm" speakers , most brands are on the warm side, the musical image gets channeled with "baggage", so you get the music + "warmth" of the voice coil. Which the fatigue factor kicks in.
"let me guess..." You guys know what speaker I always "pump". But then you want to fight and argue the issue, instead of joining along with what does present music in FIDELITY.
You guys know what speaker I always
"pump". But then you want to fight and argue the issue,
instead of joining along with what does present music in FIDELITY.
Bartokfan  (Threads | Answers)

You miss the point entirely, which is that your pumping has little
credibility because you do not own, nor have you ever owned the
speakers you pump. If you had them installed in your system, your
comments would gain considerable legitimacy.
I thought Bartokfan had (has) the Linbrook BBMTM.

Steve O.
Can't help but enjoy the comments on the Tylers in relationship to thier being 'cool' as suggested by Bartokfan.

Much as I enjoy mine for what they do very well, their being 'cool' is not one of them. A slight bit of warmth in the lower mids-upper bass w/o loss of resolution and a bit of emphasis I think (maybe its my electronics but I don't think so) in the mid/upper-mid range with out introducing brightness or edgyness). I'd love for someone to publish a set of graphs ala JA's in Stereophile, to test my aural accuity if nothing else.
Steve i brought my Jadis and cayin along with me at a home demo down in new orleans last yr. Was a wonderful experience at Mike's house. I know what the potential of the Lin Sig Sys is, both on my amp and Mike's amp/high quality turntable.
End Story, brothers! Quad 22L2! Very suprised you audiophile maniacs didn't mention it! Warm, lush out of the box. Thanks all for the feedback but loosen up, brothers!
that was one hilarious thread. i guess we will never really know whether warm is good or bad or even what it means. it appears dakota is mum on the issue like all great film directors. i hope dakota did not burn his fingers when he un crated his spkrs and i also pray they cool down during the burn in period. either way i feel all warm and fuzzy.. peace out bros. ;)
Same response to "veroman"--cool out!
hey bro', i am joking man. :]. it WAS a funny thread.
try the aerial 10t.
If by warm you mean: non-fatiguing, non-laser beaming, forgiving (without losing music detail), plays everything exceedingly well including not-so-well recorded music (even rock-and-roll), then I'd say without a doubt the Daedalus DA-1s.