Warmer sounding Solid State

Having some technical issues with my Marantz PM8005 interferring with other gear in my setup.  Sounds great with my Dali Oberon 5s though.  Any other manufacturers make a solid state that has a “warmer” sound like the Marantz?  Slightly rolled off highs, good midrange and full bass?  

I am liking the way the Nuforce DDA-120 Sounds with the power conditioner on it. 

Like I mentioned before, I'm beginning to believe that the top end (treble) problem I've been having wasn't really that there was too much top end or that the top end was too "forward' or "harsh", but more so that it was uncontrolled. 

I think now that I have this power conditioner in my setup I am hearing the same AMOUNT of treble, but it is no longer harsh because it is more controlled and the signal is cleaned up.  It now sounds more "delicate" up top. 

I still need to find something else to power these because the Nuforce will eventually have to go back into my desktop setup and I would like to have a little more power for these Dali Oberon's than the modest 50watts into 8ohms that the DDA-120 puts out.  I DO like the simplicity of the DDA.  Will the NAD C368 sound similar? 
Plinius SA 100 MkIII. Beefy, switchable between A/B and A.  Paired with a Plinius preamp . . . a great combo.
Warmer sounding SS is/are finely designed and executed devices that have very low distortion levels. Both odd & even order harmonic distortions are essentially negligible.
That's what makes them sound "different" and often more engaging and listenable. 
If you're committed to a new amp to achieve the results you're looking for ( priced lowest to highest):

McCormack DNA 0.5
Jeff Rowland Model 2
Pass Labs XA 30.5 

None offer monster truck power, but are terrific sounding amps that lean in that direction.

if you can address it from the source, look into the Musical Paradise MP-D2 DAC. Tubed rectifier and output, swappable caps and DAC chips. It'll warm the hell out of your system for $880, and it almost infinitely tweakable.