Warmer sounding Solid State

Having some technical issues with my Marantz PM8005 interferring with other gear in my setup.  Sounds great with my Dali Oberon 5s though.  Any other manufacturers make a solid state that has a “warmer” sound like the Marantz?  Slightly rolled off highs, good midrange and full bass?  

You could try an eq like the Schiit Loki. I hear it's pretty transparent and it's only 150 bucks. 

That's a bummer.  I just ordered these speakers.  I gotta give them a little more time before I off them. 

I just tried them using a Nuforce DDA-120 that was powering my desktop setup and they sounded much better.  I then added the power conditioner which got delivered today and they really opened up.  Much better sound stage, transparency and depth.  The highs are still forward, but controlled not.

I then tried the Peachtree on the power conditioner and got some pretty good results.  Again, much better detailed highs.  Nice and accurate and definitely less abrasive.  Sound stage was much better and I also saw the same increase in transparency and depth.  Now we are getting somewhere!

I have some technical issues with the Peachtree as well.  The high frequency noise that some others on the internet reported coming from the unit itself is indeed real.  It is not an issue when listening, but a thorn in my subconscious non the less.  I also sometimes get a burst of white noise when switching from active digital inputs.  Cringe-worthy. 
10000_hz_legend... maybe everyone else here knows what you mean by “Having some technical issues with my Marantz PM8005 interferring with other gear in my setup.” but I’m not sure the problem you are wanting to solve. Could you please elaborate? 

 I am using the Pm8005 in home theater bypass mode, and unfortunately to switch it in and out of this mode you need to hold down the button on the front of the unit for three seconds. which is a minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience none the less.

The main problem though is that the remote controls For both my receiver and the pm8005 control both units.  So it is impossible  to control the volume of  The PM 8005 without controlling the volume of the receiver as well.  Changing inputs on the receiver remote also results in input changes on the PM8005
Tweaks can only take you so far.  I too desired the warm, organic tube sound and ended up selling a Peachtree 150 in order to transition into tube gear.  If you want warm, tube-like sound you should get tubes instead of trying to "fix" your SS sound.