warmer and better bass sounding tube,please

Hi, I am looking for a tube upgrade to replace the stock tube JAN6922 that comes with the AhTjoeb4000 CDP.I am expecting for a more bass and warmer sounding tube. My other system are:NADC370 amp;Analysis plus Oval 9 spkr cable;TruthLink IC.(harmonic tech),Quadral Ascent 850 spkr(
3 way,bass reflex,floor-standing,89dB,4-8ohm). Your opinion and suggestion is highly appreciated and thanks a lot.
Here is a review that goes through some tube rolling...


It seems like the tubes can make quite a difference. Also if you look at th Ah Tjoeb website you'll see that they offer some other upgrades, clock, power cord, ac filter.

Outside the player I would recommend using Final Labs Daruma III bearing feet for around $99 they make a nice impovement and getting some 3m damping sheet to dampen the lid.

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I noticed at the UpscaleAudio site the list some of the Ah upgrades and they mentioned that the I/U opamps are in sockets that will make them as easy to change as the tubes. The opamps in the player are BB opa604's which can definately be improved upon here is a link to the LCAudio page at DIYCable.com for the AD 825 modules you should contact them to see if they have a replacement option. I replaced four opamps in my Sony DVP 9000es and it made a big difference


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The Mullard E88CC is the tube for a warm and detailed sound.
I think way many other things contribute to bass than the tubes in one's pre.