warm up time resolution audio opus 21

i just purchased this player opus 21 but it takes 2 hours before it sound right. is this normanl for this cdp or should i just leave it on all the time. even in standby it still takes a long to warm up and sounfd right?
I have not noticed that with my RA Opus 21, and I have owned it, happily, for many years.
Of course mine is always left plugged in, (so it is in standby mode).
You might want to give Jeff Kalt, at Resolution Audio, a call to discuss it with him. (A nicer guy you will never meet.)
Good Luck in solving your problem.
That is an issue I have experienced with many of my cd players (Meridian 588, MF kW and my current Esoteric XO3SE). I leave my player on all the time and it only takes one CD or so to warm up, so issue solved by leaving it on. Gear does need time to warm up. When I know I am going to listen to my gear, I let it play for an hour or so before I go in my sound room and all is wonderful.
When in use I leave mine on all the time. No reason not too. Great player too, especially for the used prices they are going for.
I always leave mine on standby, and don't notice any improvement in sound when 'warmed up'. However, I do notice a difference when the display is completely turned off - try it!
Count me as another one that keeps the RA Opus 21 in the stand-by mode and it always sounds great. However, I don't ever recall it sounding bad, even when it was new and breaking-in. If it takes two hours to sound "right", then I would think something is wrong. Besides Jeff Kalt at RSA, another option would be to send the unit to Steve Huntley at the Great Northern Sound Company. They have two modifications for the RA Opus 21. The mods are great and take the unit to another level. Good luck!
My understanding is GNSC will only do mods on Opus 21 units purchased new from them now. No more mods on pre-owned units.