Warm up time for amps

My amps ( I have many but as an example in this case Bryston 7b3's) seem to take a good 45 minutes to reach best sound. My question is ... how do I warm them up quicker? Is playing them on a revolving loop or shuttle BEFORE my listening starts the only option? If that is the case does playing at low volume achieve the same results, and/or does playing louder speed things up, and if so presumably the louder, the quicker in proportions?
And in that box, is the ambient temperature (eg summer or winter) a factor? To me, it should make no difference with all that stuff going on inside a confined space,  but someone will tell me otherwise? I could rig up small fan heaters to blow for ten minutes? If it cuts down warm up time by half for example it may not be such a  stupid or strange idea as I think it might be, as it would increase the proportion of "enjoyable" listening time substantially.
I could even be super smart by putting timers on the fans (which in case anyone points out a supply contamination issue ... could be on a different circuit entirely
The amps are rarely switched off.
This issue does frustrate. All that expensive kit not performing at best for a period ....
I have Bryston amps
2 x 7b3
2 x 28bsst2
1 x 4b3
1 x 4bsst2
1 x 4b

 yes I need to contact Bryston for a technical view as they all seem to have different warm up times. Elizabeth pointed out possible reasons. Been a bit busy recently but must allocate some time to email them.
So the general view is that it may not be at all ambient temperature and ...
... it is NOT uncommon to take so long to get up to speed (snigger snigger)

dobnbav45 posts
I did not say a cooling fan - I wrote  "I could install fan heaters"
And I did not write about divesting in an amp because I am ignorant about how things work.
And my Jaguar doesn't need a warm up period, but then I am not driving it at 120 mile per hour (immediately or otherwise).
So well done there!

But an answer is still maybe a bit unclear, if I put my Bryson amps on louder rather than softer would that speed up the warming process?
The idea that a trickle of low sound constantly going through is appropriate?

My pair of Bryston 3B are ready in about 15 minutes...
My two Amber amps make no bones about it ..... they have HUGE capacitors, and the manual suggests leaving them on constantly, or at least waiting several hours.  I find they only sound their best when left on constantly for a couple of days, at least.
It is not so much a question of leaving on, but the warm up time from "on and idle"