Warm to Neutral Speaker Cables under $800?

I'm looking to upgrade my speaker cables, and I'm looking for something that's not going to emphasize the highs. I am currently using a single run of Van Den Huul CS-122 Hybrid to each speaker (no biwire). I am eyeballing the Harmonic Design Pro 11 plus, but I'm definitely not set on them. I'd love to hear some other suggestions.

My system is a Benchmark DAC1 USB to Bryston 4B-SST via Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway MkII interconnect. The speakers are Dynaudio Focus 220 MkII so I won't be biwiring. Any help would be appreciated.
Coincident TRS exreme will do the trick. 800.00 in the used market
Virtual Dynamics Nite Series...Sweet and powerfull.......
My recommendations are since you already have Harmonic Technology IC's why not get the Pro 9+ or either Cardas Neutral reference.
I see there are a couple listings for Acoustic Zen Satori cables for around $350. Been using these for years and they've bested all comers, and they're well below your spending limit. Nice & natural in the highs, but they let the natural timbre and tonality of the music through as well. Best of luck.
Cardas Neutral Reference definitely tamed the highs in a previous system. As my system changed, so did my cabling.
I prefer Audio Note Lexus speaker wire the AZ Satori easily. It has beautiful tone and layer upon layer of information along with a big soundstage.
I second Acoustic Zen Satori. U use Shotgun biwire version (still within your limits).
Be bold! Spend $15 on 12 gauge speaker wire at Home Depot and let your ears be the judge.
Agree on HT Pro 9+. Has the characteristics you describe.
Personally, using but one source? I'd step up there first. Briefly using the Pro Sils, I wasn't terribly intrigued with them. They aren’t too refined. In combination with that Bench DAC, that right there might be the issue.

If only one IC is in place as main and source IC, I should think it ought to be a very good 'un.

Before exchanging spkr cables, I would try a Cardass NR in place of the Pro S... or better still, the HT Magic I. Maybe the Magic II, but maybe not. I have always gotten the impression the Benchmark doesn't have the friendliest top end to begin with, but can't really say, not having had one of my own.

The NR = $250 or so, and the older Magic I = $300 or so. Both would be a step up over the Pro’s.

Another IC that would help is the SR Resolution Ref x2 active. it is better than the C NR, and in some respects the Magic's too. In fact those wires as spkr cables ought to do you quite well all by them selves.

I just sold a pair of the ICs for $420.

Another IC worth investigating to elevate your sonic quotient would be the Nirvana SX Ltd. As spkr cables they'd be too costly.

SX Ltd = 650 – 750 depending.

The Nirvana SL as spkr cables might be worth a look see too, call the cable co and give a few sets a try out in your home... but only one set at a time... and take notes.

The Nirvana SL will tame any top end. They are the smoothest wires I’ve ever heard… let me say that another way… they’re the most listenable wires I’ve ever heard. Had I known about them when I had my KAV 250 + Montior Gold 60s, I might still have them.

As I use a preamp, I want my spkr wires as neutral as possible. I apply ICs to sources so as to better accomodate the sources needs and my preffs in order to reveal as much info in a well heeled manner as possible.. too much info provided to starkly is simply too much.

Yeah… I’m not a dead on neutral all the time sort of guy. I’m closer to it today than ever before, but still hang onto the warm side of it more often than not.

BTW my main IC is a HT Magic II. spkr wires are SR Sig 10 x2 active.... they're neutral and have worked well with every wire I've listed here and several more, and on several speaker types. I paid $600 for mine I think.

Another way to add to, and tame top end energy or brightness is with a nice digital pc on the DAC…. Just a thought.

Lastly… as much as I didn’t care for the Pro Sils, they aren’t strident or bright IMO, just not what’s possible for a little bit more as from the Magic’s for instance.
BE BOLDER! Supra cables.I,ve never seen home depot promoted on this site,other then someone saying, go try their speaker wire .My $12 pair from supra sounded nearly identical in sound to a $2000 pair,and the guy was really nice and he mailed them to me.said if I didnt like them, Send them back,we,ll try something different.that way when I,m at home depot for a crapper or nails ,I,m not putting speaker wire in that sentence.Lots of others here on the GON.Your ears will be the judge good luck
Stay away from Audioquest, Hideous.

Ultralink is a nice brand and is a good bargain. There seems like little relationship betw value and cost with wires. Heard garbage that folks have spent lots on and have heard great sound from lower cost products.

Personally, I am not crazy about MIT cables.