Warm sounding speakers for Naim Nait5 & CD5 ??

I am looking for a set of speakers that
produce music with warmth and good pace.
Yes colored sound... Detail is not as
important. I want warm, pacy, involving
music with no edge.

The room is 14' by 20'. The speakers will
be 5 feet apart. 3 feet from each side wall
and 1.5 feet from the back wall. Floorstanders
or monitors with a super tight sub would work.

I will be buying used and my price range is
$1,000 to $1,5000.

So far I am thinking:

NEAT Petite with a sub
Linn Ninka

Many Thanks
Hi Tom. I have owned Mystiques and Elites with a Nait 5/CD5/FC2. While not fatiguing I wouldn't have called the Mystiques warm, the Elites could have used more juice but did okay (haven't tried the Petites). They both are resolving and musical for sure. The EMIT tweeter on the Elites (same as Petite) sounded great with a Nait 5, not bright at all. I have heard the Linn Ninka and also owned the Katan. I don't think either are very dynamic for a Nait. A suprisingly warm, musical and dynamic speaker I now use with Exposure electronics are the Monitor Audio S1 ($600). I know, they aren't supposed to be anything special but I am convinced they are. I have owned dozens of speakers that sounded good. The Monitor Audio's draw you in to the music. They have an openess and fullness in the soundstage along with a refined warmth about them that I hadn't heard in a mid range speaker and no other MA speaker. The highs are laid back yet have the detail I like. No harsheness whatsoever such as in former MA speaker and other metal dome tweeters. Bass is very satisfying and actually stronger than the Neats. They can express a beat even without the sub. The midrange competes with my Nain/Neat set up and has a tone that draws you in. Maybe a bit less resolving than Neats but enough detail and impact to keep your toes tapping. I use mine with a REL Storm III. If you can at least get the chance, demo a set of the "S" series from MA with your gear. (I prefer the S1 for a smaller less resonant cabinet than the S2) Or try the S6. You can save money and still be happy I have found. Best of luck.
Thanks.. That's a great idea. I was starting to think
about a monitor/sub arrangement. The Rel Storm 3 seems
to be an all out favorite for many people. I talked
with someone who was using one with Spendor 2/3s with
great success. I may just get a Storm 3 and experiment
with a couple of used monitor speakers and sell what I
don't like.. So far MA S1 and Spendor 2/3s seem to be
prime targets for me.. Have you ever compared the MA S1
to the Spendor??

You're looking for a good speaker for rock, right? I dont think the Spendor sound is what you're after.
Experimenting is the way to go to find what you like best. I recently saw a set of used S1s for $300. They do outperform many sub 1.5k speakers I have heard for my taste. (PSB Stratus, JM Lab 806s, GR Paradox 1)I have owned the Spendor S3/5 but haven't heard the 2/3. The 3/5 is a great sounding speaker but not near the dynamics of the MA S1 or Neats. I'd like to hear the S5e though. I think you'll be pleasantly suprised by the S1 if you try them. One main thing I didn't mention is they have that seamless top to bottom full soundstaging that I heard with the Neats but didn't hear from many other hi-fi sounding speakers. Imaging is scary and they do not sound at all thin without a sub.

Yes I will be playing rock and pop music. Music
with a good beat. So Spendors are maybe too
polite for rock? Warm and pacey music is what I
am after..

First, I must remind you that I have no experience with Naim and Spendor so take it for what its worth.
Ive heard some Spendors- afew years ago- sounding great with jazz and classical but a little to polite for rock.
But if warm and pacey is what you're looking for, Spendors might be just what you're after.
I personally and YMMV wouldnt be looking for warmth in a speaker if I prefer rock.
Pick up a used pair of 5se here on Audiogon. I dont think you'll have much trouble reselling them if they dont do it for you.
Just my opinion, of course.
Hey there-
What about Naim SBL's? I have a Hicapped CD3.5 that sounds amazing through the SBL's. Of course, it also sounds great through my KEF 104/2's. If you're looking for a monitor-type speaker, the older Tannoys, such as the Devons, sound excellent, or the Altec Segovias, if you are able to find a pair. All these speakers are efficient enough to work well with a Nait 5. IMHO, unless you have a RTA and a lot of time and money to spend on room treatment as well as not much concern where you might ultimately have to put the thing for best sound, subs aren't the answer.
Tannoy DC3's. I have a pair and have listened to them
with Nain equipment which my Son owns. Don't remember all the models but do remember the NAIT5 amp. I used it until I purchased a MAC MA2275. I like the "British Sound"
After much experimentation, I ended up pairing my Nait and Naim CD5x with Reference 3a Dulcets. I find this a delightful small room combo for a wide range of music, rhythmic, direct, warm.
You found the Dulcets warm? I had a pair of Decapos with Naim Nait5 and CD5 and would'nt consider the sound "warm".
I'd describe the sound as very transparent and on the analytical side.
Emil; Transparent I certainly agree with. Personally, I would not have described the sound as on the 'analytical side'; not for my Dulcets, nor for the De Capos (which I heard with different electronics). With all these terms, we may be using the same words, but trying to capture different personal experience.

In using the term 'warm' I was trying to capture a satisfying natural richness in the mid-range, and highs that were clear without excessive brightness. I did not mean coloured in the sense of 'warm and fuzzy'. 'Analytic' in this context puts me in mind of a sound that may be detailed, but not particularly involving; somewhat flat or dry if you like. You may mean something quite different.