Warm sounding Pre/Pro B&K vs. Anthem w/Mac+Klipsch

I"m in the process of upgrading my home theater/stereo system from Yamaha rxv-995,m45,m60 amps with Klipschorns and KLF20s.Tried Ati 5 chennelampbut it was to bright and fatiguing.Just bought a Mcintosh MC-7106 6 channel amp for a warm smooth sound.I"m looking for a preamp/processor that will complement the warm Mac amp for under $1000 used.Does anyone have an opinion on B&K Reference 30/50,Anthem avm20,Adcom GTP860ll,Emotiva,or Outlow?
If you can save up a little more, a Mac pre/pro will give you plenty of warmth.
If you are looking for the "warm" Mac sound, I think that you may have bought the wrong amp. I bought that same amp with return priviledges from Audio Classics some years back. I was already very familiar with the Mac sound from owning a Mac 2100. I was surprised by the somewhat thin, typical solid state sound. I returned the amp. I have since owned an MC 300, and an MC 2105, transformer coupled (the 7106 is direct coupled). I now believe, as some others do, that the autoformers are responsible in part for what some call the "Mac sound".
I think my 7106 is fairly warm sounding, especially when compared to an ATI. The yamaha gear is Class A rated when in class A mode and is amazingly warm sounding. The problem is that the klipschorns are not at all warm. I've had Anthem, B&K and now a Sherbourne 7010 in my system. All are very musical but not warm.
Have you looked at the Cary? Most likely out of your budget. You may want to start running a dual system with 2 pre's (1 for theater, 1 for music)? You could also consider having a pre modded with tubes for the R&L channels but that's pricey too.
On a good note, anything will be warmer than the Yamaha RXV.
How did you like the MC 2105? I"m thinking of running a dual system using the Klipschorns for 2 channel.How much of an improvement would the Mcintosh MC 2105 be over my Yamaha M45 class A amp with the K-horns.