Warm sounding power cord for for CD player to suppress digital glare on vocals.

What would be a good warm-signature power cord for a digital component to suppress glare in the upper mids/lower treble? I listen to older CDs (and the Bealtes) and there is definitely some glare in vocals on many of these recordings, mainly in redbook. Thanks in advance.
As some have said that adjusting in one area sacrifices SQ in other areas, I agree.  The only solution I came up with was to have a second CDP tuned a little warmer.  
The only-only solution is to purchase better quality disk. Other than that you can take half-pint of whiskey and listen again and figure it isn't that bad after all.
Listen Please, first and most importantly if you have a Dac I can 
for sure solve your problem . I have listened in my system to the best from Wireworld,Plat-7,as well as AQ Diamond the New Kid on the block Curious from Australia. Finally Analog sound ,
from HD sane cable applies the glare is Gone!! Also USB regen ,
if CD based the $200 Silnote cable is very good OFC Copper .
also you guys should mention what your system is made up of.cables,electronics.
i have worked in audio for 40 years and system synergy comes way before cost . Best of luck.