warm sounding cartridge for rega arm

i have a rega planar 3, with a rega rb 300 arm, gathering dust.

i am looking for a very warm sounding moving magnet cartridge.

i will define warm:

rolled off in the treble, with a ripe (peak) in the mid bass.

any ideas for a cartridge in current production ??
Shure 97
If you will consider a MI, try a Grado Reference Platinum1 Wood Body.
Grado Gold1
All great suggestions! I will throw in the Stanton 500 V3, a decidedly non-audiophile approved cartridge at a decidedly non-audiophile price of $50.00
Grados will likely hum as you get to the inner grooves. I tried a Grado on an AR table and couldn't take the hum. The Shure may fit your bill, but so may a Rega cartridge such as the Bias 2. I would pick the Bias
i assume that the stanton and rega cartridges meet my definition of warm. i am not looking for detail. i am looking for euphonic coloration.

when i called music direct, a salesman recommended a $299 soundsmith cartridge. i have no experience with any of the cartridges suggested so far, but i thank you for your input.
Well i can suggest the Ortofon 2m Black
Very nice cartidge !
Looking forward to trying an AT AV33PTGII on my RP6, which has been described as a great tracker with its fine line stylus and just a touch on the dark side of neutral.
Sumiko Pearl. With VTA set a little low, you'll get exactly the sound you describe, with excellent midrange resolution and solid tracking. With VTA set correctly the Pearl is warm-to-neutral--the treble roll-off is still there, but the mid-bass bump is reduced. When I say neutral I don't mean "bright" or "detailed"--I mean relaxed and musical, placing brass and wood and gut and human voices there in the room with you. I love the Pearl.

I just switched to the Pearl from the Shure M97XE. The Shure meets your "warm" requirements perfectly and tracks well, but build quality is poor. I bought two styli for it; both were badly misaligned. Also, the mounting block and cartridge body are two separate pieces _glued_ together--mine fell apart and had to be super-glued back together. My glue job held up better than Shure's. Now it lives in a drawer.

The Stanton 500 is wonderfully midrange-rich and involving but not the best tracker. I'd love to get one again to have as a backup cart.
Abland is spot on about the Pearl, personally I have had no problem with thr 2 Shure 97 I own,but Pearl is better made I agree.
Rega's entry level Elys Mk2. Easy setup and matched for Rega tables.
I had the Soundsmith Otello for a brief period of time and thought it was a bit lifeless. Very flat, not much sparkle on the high end but not much warmth in the mid-bass either.
I'm actually looking for something similar and have heard folks talk about the Rega Elys 2 as a very musical cart with a little bump in the bass region.
I have been using a Rega Exact 2 on my P5. I know many who recommend Dynavector's, but I believe those are MCs? I have not heard good things about pairing Grado with Rega. If you go with something other than a Rega that meets your criteria, please let us know.