Warm sounding cables - non fatiguing

Any suggestions on reasonably priced cables which are non - fatiguing (not bright or overly detailed particularly in the upper frequency regions). Currently using tubes with Millersound cables but sound is a tad bright -- anyone else had this experience with Millersound (similar to JPS).
Discovery Signature.
One additional clarifcation......I am interested in both IC and speaker cables. Thanks
Analysis Plus Oval 9 in speaker cables. Probably the copper IC as well. Cardas Cross if you cannot afford Cardas Golden Cross.
I run Harmonic Technology Truthlinks in my system because of their warm sonics. Check out this older thread of mine:


There are a lot of great speaker cable suggestions. Please note that my system has changed a bit since the thread was posted.
Dimarzio Super M-Path
Sonoran Plateau are outstanding. Best bang for the buck. Very neutral but warm. Very different from Nordost.
I'd suspect the fatigue you are concerned about comes from those products which enhance detail while also inducing an overly bright presentation and/or adding a potential grain and hash along with the enhanced detail.

In addition, those products that round off the edges of initial attack and decay turning what should be a very crisp and clear and otherwise exhilerating dynamic passage into something more monotone/flat and boring are typically more fatiguing that those that do not.

Whatever the case, I'd recommend auditioning the Audience Au24 cable line-up to reduce fatigue in the true sense.

-IMO(of course)
van den Hul "The Second" -- the most coherent, tonally natural, and non-fatiguing IC I've yet come across. It may lack some "jump factor" (or what I call "pizzaz") compared to other cables (most notably, those of the silver variety), but after extended listening you may come to realise, as I have, that you're missing none of the music, except the glare, hash, and tizz that metal cables impart. In its place, you'll discover the true textures and harmonic structure that was recorded, without any additives. I've found it works best with digital front ends, as the carbon core effectively prevents RFI from contaminating your downstream components.
I should have mentioned Audience AU24. It is awesome, IMHO. Make sure to use AU24 jumpers if your speakers are biwirable.
i would second discovery... i havent heard the signature but i have heard the plus 4 and essence in my system. they can be had at factory direct for very good prices and even better used.

they are on the warm side of neutral and allow the detail to come through and image well ( very unusual they are this well balanced- most warm cables obscure detail and dont image well - the cardas golden cross does this imo)

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I do not have experience with your cables, but my advice is bite the bullet and change your components. My experience with "warm" or forgiving cables is that they invariably rob the music of life - and I do include Audience cables in that claim. Warm cables seem to me to achieve their effect in one or more of three ways - first by acting as a filter, which slows high frequencies, second by smoothing over detail, third by compressing dynamics. I reckon you get a better result by using cables that are fast and open through the range and achieve timbral balance by matching your components well. Just my opinion based on trying many of the "warmer" cables.
Redkiwi, you've obviously tried 'many' of the 'warmer' cables and since you include Audience (Au24's I assume) cables as one of the many 'warm' cables, perhaps you'd care to share which cables you consider to be 'fast' and 'open' which also 'achieve a timbral balance' for your ears and your system?

The one that does it for me at a good price Stehno is the Luminous Synchestra Reference - fast and weighty bass, full mids and the highs in the right place - no bloat, no grain, very transparent and fast - and outstanding dynamics across the spectrum. Not warm, not slow, not forgiving - but as neutral as a neutral thing.
Gotta agree with Red (how are you?). I use SPM for absolute linearity and speed, dialing in room acoustics and component choice for preferred spectral tilt. Only sideways step was to use a HT Truthlink to soften my MD100 tuner of a few birdies up there. I believe the same should be true of power cabling, too. (DISCLAIMER...I make and sell such things).
You might want to consider the Cardas Golden Reference ICs. A tad pricey but can be had easily on AGON used. I've tried AUdience AU, TG audio, and Luminous Ref, and still return to the Cardas with my Joule/Berning tube setup.
Cardas cables...a pioneer in the industry!
They offer a number of warm cables in their lineup.
ksales, "very neutral but warm"? How can that be?
Not trying to start a fight just don't get it.
If a cable can be accurate, it will convey the natural warmth of an instrument. But if your intention is to roll off the highs and add warmth, then accurate  (or neutral) it can not be.

I've found that how your speaker is situated can be as big a factor in shrill or recessed highs as cables so since it would be a much cheaper way to experiment, I'd try different footers and/or speaker isolation before spending a small fortune on the cable merry-go-round.

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For non-fatiguing sound and absence of upper end brightness you might want to try some of the less expensive cables in the Purist line.