Warm Sounding Cable

I am looking for a cable that is warm sounding.  I don't want bright or detailed, just warm.  I want to change the cable from my Sony HAP-Z1ES Music Server to my Rogue RP-5 Tube Preamp.  I am finding the sound to be a little bright.  Looking for a cable new or used in the 200-300.00 price range.

Hi @inna .  I hope you don't me resurrecting an old thread.  I considering the Poseidon and the Neptune to warm up my system a little.  Have you tried both?

It’s gonna cost you more, but a top choice would be CARDAS GOLDEN  REFERENCE 

I think the AudioQuest Jaguar's are pretty warm. They also had a very nice holographic soundstage to my ears.

I’m currently running-in some Duelund Dual DCA12GA. It cost me only £130 for 4m, and as I can run the bare wire through all 3 sets of binding posts I’m saving masses on connectors, plugs and jumpers.

The tone is exactly what I was looking for. Immediate, rich, lush and with a real presence. Gone is the relentless attack of some tracks, and much of the sibilance - ATC speakers are somewhat of a double-edged sword.

True, I do feel I’ve lost a little of the transparency and dynamics of my TelluriumQ Ultra Black II, but overall I’m enjoying the listening experience a lot more.  Plus, they should continue to break-in and improve - only 20 hours so far.

Highly, highly recommended, and it didn’t break the bank to audition.