Warm Sounding Cable

I am looking for a cable that is warm sounding.  I don't want bright or detailed, just warm.  I want to change the cable from my Sony HAP-Z1ES Music Server to my Rogue RP-5 Tube Preamp.  I am finding the sound to be a little bright.  Looking for a cable new or used in the 200-300.00 price range.
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The Cable Co. is your friend if you have the time. Talk to Steve about what you’ve got and are trying to do. He’ll hook you up. 5% rental fee for all you audition + shipping. If you buy, that total 5% goes against the cost of what you buy. No shipping charges on your purchase.

If you want to gamble, check out PartsConnexion. Talk to Chris. He has Cardas Legacy cables at great prices (50% off list). I could not resist trying out what was at one time Cardas’ primo IC offered at 50% off (Golden Reference). Older Cardas cable is frequently talked about as "warm" (though not always justified, I think). I think there’s a bump in the lower midrange as opposed to high end being rolled off.  Cardas Golden Presence should be within your budget.  Cardas 300B Microtwin would be another option, though some will stick their noses up at its (supposed) lack of detail, slowness, blah blah blah. Not sure you want to go all the way there but it’s another very much lower cost Cardas option. Parts Connexion shipping was only $14.95 to the US and I got it the next day.

Good luck.

Quick interrupt, does the Cable Co. express an opinion on cable directionality?

To my ears, Cardas.
Happy Listening!
Perhaps Audio Art Cable IC-3SE with DH Labs RCAs, $320 1M pair new. 170 hours of break-in time to fully settle.

Purist Audio.....
i second the Purist Audio
I am a Purist Audio fan and have Neptune Luminist. The least expensive Purist fluid cable is $600 Poseidon, and you won't find it used. Nor will you find older Purist fluid cables. Be careful with Ferox unless it's Dominus, it changes the balance of the cable.
Cable Co. is a great suggestion and has always worked for me.  Some IC's I have found on the warm side are:

Kimber 1011
Kimber 1016
Kubala-Sosna Fascination
MIT Older 330 series

I dropped an Auditorium 23 interconnect into my system and found it to sound very organic and quite lovely,  warm but in a natural way. However looking at your system I’m wondering is the brightness you’re hearing just with the Sony? I see you have an Esoteric disc spinner as well.
Yes, it is just with the Sony.  The Esoteric player is fine.