"warm" solid state integrated amplifier

I am interested in purchasing a new solid state integrated amplifier in the $6000 to $8000 price range. As I am getting older I am finding many amplifiers to be uncomfortable to my ears, "bright" is the term I see frequently used.  I am looking for an amplifier that is "warm".  Thank you and  I appreciate any advice I receive from Audiogon members.




I presume it's not 590X but 509X?

yes you are correct, it was a 509x model, sorry for my typo

i must say i find the model #s for luxman integrateds somewhat confusing... i am sure it makes perfect sense to those who live mainly in the luxman sphere but for someone who doesn’t, the numbering/lettering system is hard to decipher

tubeless which speaker cables are you using 

I help out at Audio Connection and when Proac are demoed we use                Proac speaker cables not sure but I think they are made by Cardas

Tubeless, many here are sympathetic to your goals. At the risk of throwing in a variable that was not requested, I'd suggest at least trying different speakers (say, Spendor Classic line (not D line), or Harbeth C7). I tried the ProAc D2s some time ago and found that they had a much brighter sound than the older Response models. (I recall a frequency response plot -- maybe in Stereophile -- that showed a "scooped" shape, with a rising treble.)

Otherwise, as others have suggested: Sugden definitely, Luxman class A integrateds, maybe Ayre.

We are assuming that your room is sympathetic (windows covered, rugs, etc) and you have experimented with speaker placement and toe-in angle, of course.


I recently purchased a 3 year old BAT VK655SE in your price range. My most recent amp was a Bryston 4BST and I'm driving Magnepan 3.7i.  The BAT definitely has endless power reserves, slightly better control of the lower bass and fit's your "warm" request.  Never any etching or brightness. The Bryston is quicker with more punch.  The BAT's imaging exists, but it is not locked or precise like the Bryston. I really apreciate imaging, but if that's not that important to you I would Highly recommend the BAT VK655SE.  I am still switch between the two amps and am undecided and as always have my eyes out for my next amp.

CODA CSIB another great reco. Very happy with mine, making me want to move up the line towards the separates. Have had pass and FW in past. 


Definitely less warm / rounded then pass but just a great for tone color and density