Warm romantic & detailed

Good morning Gentlemen & ladies... 

I'm just starting to toy with idea of replacing my Focal 1038's... No matter how I treat my room, or what equipment I throw at it I just can't seem to tame the harsh highs on this speaker. 

I'd like to stay in the same price range of the Electra's (7/8k), I don't mind buying used, the musts for me at this point are: Warm, romantic, yet detailed... It would be beautiful to just sit and listen and not have ear fatigue after 15 minutes of listening. 

Can you please recommend something? 
Try some PSB Speakers

Just added some PSB 800"s to my rotation.
Wow! Hours upon hours of warm luscious spacious detailed enough sound!
I cant wait now to get in front of my system.
And you need soft dome tweeters!
Vifa! PSB"S!
Go listen to the new monitor audio gold 200 and 300 that AMT Tweeter is so warm and accurate and the bass is so fast detailed and articulate.
I would check out the Encores from Tekton Design. It's an amazing flagship speaker and in your budget range. There are also some amazing reviews of it.



I don't have the exact model but I do have the
Double Impact, a model which is a bit lower in the Tekton hirarcy, but uses a similar technology.

I live in Israel and am not affiliated with Tekton what so ever. I just love my speakers. 🙂

I would recommend as a speaker builder, hobbiest to stay away from metal / plastic drivers if your ears are sensitive to harshness.  The less harsh silk dome tweeters you can listen for hours. Some cone drivers can also be very smooth but can have picky resonaces not associated with metal. The cross over points are very important. Drivers have specific design ranges they operate best at. I have found a harsh sounding speaker ca be tamed down if the driver frequency limits are not pushed but made consevative within their design limits.
Your best option is to get your mask on and compare sound on the music you know as harsh on your system at a dealer showroom.  My built speakers have aluminum dome midrange and compression titanium tweeter. I found a world of difference just changing the DAC from my network player to a Shiit Bifrost. Smoothed out to velvet voices. With metal drivers I enjoy dynamics and detail  but have to be careful they dont bite on older badly EQd music.