Warm romantic & detailed

Good morning Gentlemen & ladies... 

I'm just starting to toy with idea of replacing my Focal 1038's... No matter how I treat my room, or what equipment I throw at it I just can't seem to tame the harsh highs on this speaker. 

I'd like to stay in the same price range of the Electra's (7/8k), I don't mind buying used, the musts for me at this point are: Warm, romantic, yet detailed... It would be beautiful to just sit and listen and not have ear fatigue after 15 minutes of listening. 

Can you please recommend something? 

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I've recently been looking for the same type of speaker you're describing, and I'm being drawn to the Harbeths that have been mentioned. I have a pair of Tektons, but recently replaced them with Maggie 1.7i's. The Tektons are indeed neutral and detailed, but they don't deliver the rich, natural tonal qualities of the Maggies. From what I'm learning, the Harbeths take these qualities to an even higher level. Good luck in your decision.