Warm romantic & detailed

Good morning Gentlemen & ladies... 

I'm just starting to toy with idea of replacing my Focal 1038's... No matter how I treat my room, or what equipment I throw at it I just can't seem to tame the harsh highs on this speaker. 

I'd like to stay in the same price range of the Electra's (7/8k), I don't mind buying used, the musts for me at this point are: Warm, romantic, yet detailed... It would be beautiful to just sit and listen and not have ear fatigue after 15 minutes of listening. 

Can you please recommend something? 

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Jeff ,

You are fortunate if you live near Fidelis Audio.It is a great Audio store with a really good staff of people. Would recommend spending more time there to listen to their Harbeth Line up. 

I have Harbeth M40.2 speakers and listen to mostly Rock, Hard Rock and POP music.  
The Harbeth M40.2 speakers on their own , would still be considered a warm romantic speaker in the general scheme of speakers. They are a lot more room friendlier than the M40.1 version.