Warm, rich sounding interconnects?

My system is in flux at the moment with a Wadia Intuition 01 as preamp/amp/DAC bookshelf Tyler speakers and (horror of horrors) an iPhone with an Auris bluetooth connection for the current audio source. Since bluetooth at best sounds somewhat thin and tilted up on higher frequencies, it doesn’t play necessarily well with the Wadia which is great sounding overall but also can be on the revealing side.

I know I should get a better source - but even so I’ll always want the option of wireless in various situations. I’ve owned Purist Audio Museaus’s (rev-c’s) in the past, which would be perfect, but sadly sold them on A-gon some time ago. Those are hard to find and the newer Purist cables are brighter sounding.

So in a nutshell I’m looking for interconnects which will deepen and darken the sound for my current setup - and new/used for under $400. Any ideas?

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Cardas 300B Micro-twin.  I'm not associated with Cardas or Galen Carol Audio.  Before you let yourself be dissuaded by negative input from the ever-present-experts that know what your system will sound like with these or any other cable, try them.  Might make you happy.  Might not.  Certainly would seem to have characteristics you are looking for.

Audio Advisor, Galen Carol, The Cable Co. have very helpful return policies.