Warm, rich but detailed SS preamp (made you give up tubes)

Anyone come a cross a warm, rich but detailed solid state preamp that engaged you and gave you that spatiality of a good tube preamp?

I suppose im thinking of C900u or Accuphase?
The only solid state preamp I've owned that gave most of what tube preamps offer was a Classe DR-7, but they were rare (100 and something made) and would be hard to find.

One was for sale a couple of years ago and I include the URL as the description may be of interest.  It had a separate power supply the size and weight of a power amp, and two phono stages.

Absolutely love my Wyred4Sound STP-SE. 
It's very neutral without the sterility you sometimes associate with neutral. The new Benchmark LA4 has the same design philosophy and I'm sure would be another great choice.
I am partial to the Ayre MXR-Twenty or the KX-5 Twenty. The KX-5 is hard to beat for the money. There is one currently listed for $5500.00 This is, in my opinion the best deal anywhere. 

Ok, but how about using a tube input for something like a modern class D output stage, like the Purifi 1et400a. Would this be better then a traditional all round ss amp?    
Museatex AVC1, beautiful spatial quality to it.  I’ve had many different tube & SS combinations over nearly 40 years in this hobby, and if you don’t want a tube preamp, then try to find one of these.

  I’m sure there are many other SS preamps that are nice sounding as well, but if I were you and I wanted the sound of a tube preamp, I’d buy a tube preamp.