Warm, rich but detailed SS preamp (made you give up tubes)

Anyone come a cross a warm, rich but detailed solid state preamp that engaged you and gave you that spatiality of a good tube preamp?

I suppose im thinking of C900u or Accuphase?

Right-- use better quality recordings, when available, and keep things out of the signal path (with fewer interconnects). Absolutely. But there are things out there which are never remastered so, I guess it depends on what one is listening to.
Hello hilde45,

     True, it's not always easy finding good recordings on the music one likes.  I've become a big fan of direct to hi-res digital recordings due to their very detailed and natural sounding recordings with uncompressed dynamics. 
      I wish all the major artists recorded using this method.  When you buy a hi-res digital download, you're literally getting an exact copy of the original master recording.


@noble100 I hear you! The first time I listened to "Looking for a Home" my mouth just dropped open. I had never heard anything so present and real in my room before. Unbelievable. https://dsd-guide.com/fdn/keith-greeninger-dayan-kai-0

This was interesting, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttMNfFFi_Js
Hello hilde45,

     I have that Keith Greeninger track as a 24 bit/96KHz FLAC file download on my hard drive, excellent direct to hi-res digital recording with very realistic dynamics as heard and felt when listening to acoustic music played live.  Carmen Gomes is also very good if you like intimate jazz recordings.
     Blue Coast is a good source of these high quality direct to hi-res digital recordings as is Sound Liaison in Europe which has a lot of Carmen Gomes downloads available at very reasonable prices.
       I think downloads are a good method for both consumers, receiving very high quality recordings at a fair price, and the music artists, receiving royalties for each download.