Warm Power Cord For Micromega Solo


I am usually a skeptic of power cords and plugged an unbranded one in place of the stock cord on my Micromega Solo used as a CD transport on a whim.

I found that the sound was cleaner - the highs lost the brightness or glare and the soundstage widened a little to both sides of the speakers.

I am very surprised that it made such a noticeable difference. I am now looking for a warm and full bodied power cord for a reasonable cost. My initial inclination is for Cardas based on my experience with their cables.

Any recommendations appreciated.

Pangea power cords without breaking the bank. Well constructed.
Stick with your initial inclination !!!! I've owned Pangea and 3 models of Cardas.
Has anyone compared Sablon Robusto to Cardas Golden Reference or Golden Cross?