Warm, lush and smooth interconnect help


I am buying my first pair of high end interconnects. Budget is around 2600 USD. I have researched all around the net and so far I have learned that the following cables are warm: Van Den Hul, Cardas, MIT (really?) and Siltech.

Can anyone confirm this? Are there other manufacturers I have missed? Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
Check out WyWires. I think you will find a realistic presentation combined with warmth and a lack of listening fatigue. I believe a ful set of WyWires will fit into your budget.
That's a nice bit of dough for a first pair of good interconnects. The key is to hear a bunch if there's any way you can because it's gonna be very specific to individual tastes and systems. Just out of curiosity, do you like lush, warm sound or are you trying to tame another component or components that may be a little too bright for your tastes? What's the rest of your system? The more info you provide the better the recommendations you'll get here.

Anyway, you may save yourself some $$$ by trying the original version of the Acoustic Zen Matrix References if they pop up used (do not get the Matrix Reference II -- it's a different animal). You can probably sell them for little/no loss if they don't do it for you, but they may be just what the doctor ordered on the cheap. Best of luck in your search.
I have less expensive mits. They are not overtly warm i find but perhaps more towards that than many and otherwise in line with your criteria. I doubt you have to spend moe than a few hundred max to get excellent results.
You can add Purist Audio and Kubala Sosna to your list.
there is another problem:

what you consider warm and lush another may consider, say natural, but not lush.

this is a problem of perception.

getting suggestions regarding a subjective perception will give you a list of cables which will keep you very busy, if you can even access them.

i have an idea based upon what i use, but i'm not sure it will help.

anyway, here it is: sound fusion romance 2, an all-gold cable.
Silnote Orpheous Reference
All my I/C's are Stealth PGS (Pure Gold Strand). IMO very warm and smooth. Bought them on Agon for $450 per pr., retailed about $2,000 pr. in their day.
I strongly recommend Cardas Golden Reference. They make other interconnects with golden in the name those are the ones to consider. They don't cost your entire budget, which is nice, whatever you do don't get the neutral reference or anything else that sounds like that. You may think I am kidding but I am dead serious, the biggest tamer of overly analytical sound in my system were the Cardas Golden Refs.
There is the matter of what it is that you may want to change in addition to the cables. I used a tube pre for years before finally getting tube power amps. The tube power amps really made my system sound the way I wanted it to,IT is fast, detailed but not harsh and on the warmer, open, and halographic side, just great!
I am getting a new headphone amplifier. The Woo Audio WE-5 LE. It is a tube amp so the so the sound signature should be more on the mellow side. However, my Sennheiser HD800 headphones are very bright and I want to tame that a bit.

I will research the Zen Matrix Reference, thanks for the tip
Thanks for the info. I have also heard that Cardas makes warm sounding interconnects. Maybe I should buy that cable. I am really on the fence now to pull the trigger.
I suggest you borrow some from the Cable Company.
Hello Ccbj,

I would recommend trying the Cable Company's Lending Library and there data base, based on your equipment. Try some different cables and see what works and doesn't. There is allot of good suggestions above but you are the one who will have to live with it. Happy Listening
Thank you for all the responses. I will research the ones you mentioned. Any other suggestions?
KCI silkworms+
Try some Purist Audio Design interconnects.
The best I've known have been mentioned above: KCI Silkworm+ and Purist Audio, the Proteus Provectus in particular.
I agree with Mrtennis. I also have to recommend the Fusion Audio Romance 2 and the Kubala Sonsa Emotions and Cardas. Also if you can get a demo the new Nordost Tyr2 Ic is very different than the original. Much more liquid sounding with weight. That's what I currently have and love them

Best of luck
Can anyone point me to a place where they sell KCI Silkworm+, Fusion Romance 2 and the Kubala Sonsa Emotions? I appreciate all the replies. I have researched them all so far.
Vandenhul's are likely the smoothest I've owed and best vocal presentation. You do loose detail and bass slam.
Second the Kubala Sosna Emotion.
For KCI Silkworm+ go to http://www.koolcables.com/silkworm+/index.html

John Prator makes the Silkworm+ as well as others in his line of interconnects. He sells direct, and is always easy and enjoyable to communicate with.
I found out that the Kubala Sosna Emotion is an old cable. Will it still be in competition with todays cables?

I am close to picking a cable. Either the Fusion Audio Romance 2, Silkworm+ or the above mentioned cable.

Also, I need a power cord. I see that Fusion Audio also makes this in their Romance series. Can you guys recommend a power cord that is also warm, lush and smooth? Do I need to pick both IC and PC to the same manufacturer?
Cardas is lush and warm. Worth a listen...
OK, I'll ask: Why do you want cables that are "warm, lush and smooth"? What are you trying to achieve? I'm always very skeptical when I see a post like this because I think people put way too much faith in wire to solve problems that are better addressed by other system changes--particularly when they have $2600 to spend.
KCI Silkworm's and Jade Audio Hybrids. Both great cables.
I'm a newbie to all of this but I agree with dodgealum. Just curious, if you are spending $2,400 on interconnects, how much have you spent on the rest of your system? Are you that guy I heard about that spent $134,000 on a record player ;-)
How did you arrive at that 'budget'? Just curious.
I have decided to go with Fusion Audio Romance 2 RCA and Romance 2 Power Cord.

Thank you all for the great recommendations. It really helped me choose. :)
I have spent around 16000 USD on my system.
At that price you can try mogami 2549 for unbalanced RCA and 2534 for balanced and still have a ton left over. Not overly warm cable but very revealing and good enough for the pros (you can get these made up with whatever connector and length you want from various pro audio sites)!
You have to audition cables in your system. How a particular cable is considered in another system may not be very revealing at all. I have found- in my system- Analysis Plus Solo Crystal cables are excellent and well priced, especially if buying used. Several years ago I was exclusively cables (IC's) with the Solo Crystals. Then I got 'higher ideas' and sold the Solos. Well, here I am now back being cabled with Solo IC's.
At the very reasonable price level, I would consider the Audioquest King Cobra and the (gasp!) Monster M1000i. Really!
Also, I need a power cord. I see that Fusion Audio also makes this in their Romance series. Can you guys recommend a power cord that is also warm, lush and smooth? Do I need to pick both IC and PC to the same manufacturer?
No all cords do not need to be from the same manufacturer. I'm using a Fusion Audio Enchanter for my Integrated and a Impulse for my source (bit of overkill) and replaced my Fusion audio Interlocker (pre Romance series) with a Nordost Frey then later to the Tyr2