Warm integrated ss amp around 650?

I have a pair of Von Schweikert vr2100 within an HT system, that has a decent bypass to 2ch. (the vr2100 are the mains). I need a 2ch amp. for under $650 that is warm, laid back, smooth... prefer to try solid state integrated. Any suggestions (considering the used market of Audiogon.)?
YBA Integre. You may have to go up a tad more for the DT model. Hard to find used. They are that good! Pretty sweet for SS. I loved mine. peace, warren
I would check into the Audio Refinement Complete integrated.

Any of the older Classe are worth a listen. The CAP-80 and CAP-100 should be in. or close to, your price.
I would agree fully with Mattybumpkin's post above...The Audio Refinement Complete made a great match with my VR4.5's I had a few years back, when using it as a "temporary" amp when I was saving towards a good tube amp.
It was very smooth, full bodied, warm and musical. A real winner for the price point. Give one a try!
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Personally I don't find the Audio Refinement complete to be all that warm. I thought it was a little on the "thin" side too paired up with JM Lab Electra 926 and Tannoy D700. However, for your price range, it may be the best choice. The CAP-100 is nicer IMO but it was on Soliloquys (if that makes the difference) and may be harder to find on the used market. It will depend on your ears and speakers. The Integre may be a better match. Warm and smooth are what I look for too. Good luck! Arthur
Audio Refinement Complete