Warm Detailed Bi-Wire for Magnepan 3.6R

Please help with suggestions for set of bi-wires that edge a little towards the warm side of neutral.
I play mostly CD's, and use a Krell FPB 200 with Maggie 3.6R's, and I need to add a touch more 'fullness' to the sound, and maybe emphasise the bass a little more. I don't mind sacrificing the bass and even a little top end extension, for a more full and warmer midrange.
I currently use Chord Co. Flatline cables and need to go from 8' runs to 12', so now is the time to find something that will offer a sonic improvement.
Also, have any Maggie owners tried bi-wire, then reverted back to single runs?....when I removed the pins and bi-wired the improvement was significant, but obviously for practical reasons I would prefer not to have to bi-wire if possible - any experiences?


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I would cuggest the cardas golden cross, not the golden reference, the cross version is built to add a little warmth
I found AZ Holograms to have the qualities you are looking for on my Maggie 1.6. I never bi wired them so do not know how that would sound but the Hologram in general, on my system, was warm and full but still dynamic and detailed.
I'm using Cardas Cross bi-wire on mine and the result is warm and glorious!
Try AZ Satori shotgun biwire. Will add more body without major detraction from detail or high end. Cardas will cut off the high end.

Here are a few different suggestions based on my experiences with Maggie 2.7QRs and from a close friend who has the 20.1s. Just to warn you, one or more of the suggestions you may make think are a little crazy but there was considerable time spent in tweaking to see what works and what doesn’t.

With my 2.7QR’s I kept the tweaks to a minimum. I was also looking to warm it up a bit with some cables but when a pair of Warner Imaging 300 mono amps became available I bought that to help. It really worked well in adding bass and providing an overall balance of bass with the mids and highs, while adding a good amount of amperage to the speaker to improve the overall effect. I will describe a little bit about what it did to the 20.1s a little later.

My friend has the 20.1s, which have been tweaked each month for at least the last year. Everything imaginable has been altered, some multiple times, to get them to where they are now. I originally thought the problem of lack of warmth and body was that a Classe amp with Nordost Vahalla speaker wires was utilized. I did not think that it could be accomplished with these pieces of the puzzle. As usual, my thinking was wrong again. But the most important question to ask youself is how far do you want to take it. Without a combination of changes I am not sure if the ultimate goal can be obtained but here are some changes that did make significant improvements in their own right:

(1) Changing from Nordost Vahalla wires to Jena Labs provided some of the impact you are looking for. It did provide more body to each note which made it fuller. It was not as extended in the top as the Valhalla cables but if you just want to change the cables only then this certainly should be considered.

(2) Have the speakers modified. A couple of people in Audiogon have changed the wires from the crossovers to the panels as well as changing the capacitors and other parts within the crossover itself. This also has made a tremendous improvement and the best thing is you can tweak the speaker to your listening taste.

After the capacitors were changed I brought over my Warner amps to try them again. They did not work as well this time as the Classe amp provided much better impact.

(3) The most unusual but significant impact was putting a Promethean stand from Machina Dynamica under the amp. I would have never thought just a stand by itself could add the warmth, add layers to each note providing weight to the instruments themselves, and providing a level of realism to the music. I never thought that a solid state amp with very detailed speaker cables could ever produce the warmth and body that made listening so enjoyable. It was amazing! Since this was the last tweak I am not sure what the impact would be by itself but I am certainly going to add them to my system.

I hope this helps in some way. It would be great if within Audiogon that lessons learned could be captured so that thoughts like these could be filed and obtained for interested parties.

Good Luck!
The warm side of neutral. NICE .So you want your system to sound Hotter ? Or just alittle .