Warm, Deep Stage, S.S Dual Mono Amps ?

Looking to step up from my B&K M-200 mono's, anyone familiar say, with semi-older Rowlands, Classe, or similar classics ? Speakers are Dahlquist DQ-30I's with 91db,& 4-ohm nominal. I want to stay with dual-mono, (2 chassis), system & cables are configured for it.
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Aragon Palladiums!! Excellent Monos for the money!!
Havent heard much better... they would be a great match
for the DQ 301's...
Good luck,
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The new Parasound Halo series JC1 monoblocks by John Curl are very nice, quiet, dynamic, detailed and very "non Hi-Fi" sounding.
have a listen to Ampzilla 2000. dead quiet, lets you see into the music with no SSitis.
Gamut D-200 amp

These amps are dual mono and can be had for amazing prices.

This amp won TAS GOlden Ear Award in 2000, and it deserved it.

It has been compared favorably to $30k LAMM tube monos.

All I have to say is you must hear it to beleive it.

Hey Pat! From what I know I don't think the older Rowland amps are dual mono's- for that matter I am not sure if the last series(model 8) was even a dual mono. I do think the gamut would work well with your speakers, you should also consider some tube amps, with 91dB speakers you could get great sound from BAT, VTL, ARC to name a few. Of course I absolutely love my VK-500 though that may be a little over kill for your system- not to mention less then the best syngeristically. What are you looking to spend?
Hey Tim, anything but a house note, of course ! I did some research and found that the Rowland model 3's, 6's & 7's (I believe) were dual monos, but that newer Electrocompaniet AW 220's are supposed to be pretty darn good sounding, and can be had for around the 35 to 38 range, (pair) used. I haven't heard them yet, so I'm not jumping off, and yes, I'm still contemplating that front end change, so I'll see what other postings have to say.
Yea, the greatest deal in audio, the Norh LeAmps, mono's that will astound you..www.norh.com.
Here's a little secret.
Norh Le Amps 100 wpc high current monos.$400 new.
Remove the DC block and enjoy.
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Calling Tunes4me & David99, tell me more, I've been awakened, give me some comparatives maybe, sonic characteristics please, such as presentation, depth, warmth, openess, dynamics, etc.
Lets put it this way, for 500, you get an amp that has been compared to Spectral (3300.00) and several more, check out the review @ www.6moons.com.