Warm copper speaker cables under $500 new

Recent cable experiments have demonstrated two things to me:

1) I like copper better.
2) Unfortunately, while the economy brands are very good, it is possible to do better.

I am now in the market for something that will be warm - not bright in the least - and full, yet detailed. And I do seem to favor solid-core wire (single or more than one, individually wrapped) to stranded.

Any suggestions?
Recommendations for warm cabling almost universally default to Cardas Golden Cross, although I don't believe it's solid core.

I can also recommend Gregg Straley's Reality Cable speaker cable. Have you tried it? I wouldn't characterize it as warm, but neither is it bright. It transmits everything fed to it, but it's free of etch, grain and glare in my system.

It's tough to find "warm" and "detailed" in the same cable. "Warm" tends to also include "reduced detail".
cardas is not warm, period !. i have owned golden cross, golden hex 5 c, hexlink, twin link, and quad link.

i doubt you will find any warm commercially available cable. manufacturers are afraid that customers will object to any loss of "information".
07-24-08: Mrtennis
cardas is not warm, period

Now, to you Cardas Golden Cross may not be warm, but based on your long,
unsuccessful search for rolled-off, treble-reduced CD players, amplifiers and
speakers, I would question the applicability of your opinion as a baseline for
the majority of Audiogon members.

However, your opinion may be just the ticket for the OP, yet you offered no
suggestions or alternatives, so of what value is your contribution?

Having read your submissions over the years, I believe it's safe to say that
your definition of warm as it applies to audio is off the scale compared to
how most readers would define warm if they heard the same cabling in the
same system.

No question about it based on your posts.

I'm sure you agree.
Tvad....well put.
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I would suggest ( since I have used them ) the Ridge Street Audios " Midnight Silver " edition of cables ..I used them myself and liked them very much..I realize they are not copper but you would never know once you have heard them...Also should be in your price range and have a return policy..........
if one agrees on the definition of warm as a coloration, it follows that my preference has nothing to do with my perception.

manufacturers do not want to expose themselves to the criticism of reviewers when they design a product which has obvious coloration. george cardas will tell you the golden cross is a neutral cable.

if i have searched for "warm" sounding components. i don't believe they exist. if they do they are not in current production, or they are confined to a few single ended triode amps.

preference and judgment are two separate phenomena. in fact one should trust my judgment, because i feel i am qualified to identify "warmth" when i hear it.

my aural acuity has never been questioned, rather i have been criticized for my preference.

look at this way, if some one does not like a solid state amp, and then recommends one, pay special heed to that recommendation, as it probably is something special.

ihave auditioned and reviewed many sets of cable and have yet to have heard a "warm" cable, consistent with the definition. i have come to accept and live with a balanced frequency response.
Alpha Core Goertz MI2 Veracity - amazing stuff!
Cardas says in the FAQs section of his website that the Golden Cross "has a warm, involving character", and Golden Reference is "accurate, resolute, and hides no sins".

The quote from George Cardas can be found in the Cardas FAQs section.

Now, if one accepts Mr. Cardas' statement as a true reflection of his perceptions and not as marketing rhetoric, then Golden Cross and Golden Reference cannot both be neutral cables. In fact, Golden Cross must be more colored than the Golden Reference if the Golden Reference hides no sins, and the Golden Cross does.

Your perception differs from that of the cable's designer. In fact, from your posts in these discussion forums, one can clearly argue that your perceptions regarding Cardas cabling do not coincide with the vast majority of listeners and owners of Cardas wire who have reported in these threads.

Your perception is your own. From that perspective, there can be no debating with you.

Now, undoubtedly you will reply with more philosophy and rhetoric. I really have no interest in that game.

The OP was seeking recommendations for warm cabling, and you have stated that from your perspective there are none. That should be enough.
Second Alpha Core as a good choice. Quite the bargain to boot.

07-24-08: Tvad
Having read your submissions over the years, I believe it's safe to say that
your definition of warm as it applies to audio is off the scale compared to
how most readers would define warm if they heard the same cabling in the
same system.

Well, at least it's better than the usual line "There is no such thing as a warm cable, or bright cable. They do not exist.....". In this aspect I agree that Mrtennis's participation in this thread or other similar ones, is of no value. No offense intended.

Apart from the universally-accepted Cardas being a warm cable, Van den hul also applies.
i read george cardas description of golden cross. there are two points.

he did not say the cable was colored , or not neutral.

he did not define "warm". perhaps the whole problem is my definition of warm as a coloration disagrees with the connotation that others have of the term, and therefore, the reason that i do not observe components to be warm is based upon my definition of warm.

this is not philosophy, this is definition.

i will agree with one point ,namely if i have not experienced any "warm" sounding cables, it is obvious i cannot recommend any. if tvad, that is indeed your point, you are correct.
I had a pair of golden cross 1 meter RCAs for about two weeks. They were anything but warm. I was pairing them with a Musical Fidelity A308 Integrated and a Benchmark DAC, conditioned through Shunyata Taipan Helix cords and Hydra conditioner. The golden crosses were EXTREMELY bright. I then tried a pair of Acoustic Zen Reference II's that did the trick and tamed the upper frequency while providing great resolve. From what I've heard this is opposite of expectations, as the AZs are a silver/copper blend compared to the Cardas all copper design.

In the end, I sold the A308 Integrated and picked up a Sunfire TGA5200 to simplify my setup. Now I realize just how warm (and truly resolving) the Musical Fidelity A308 really was. For solid state I'm not sure I'll find anythign that matches it and I've tried Rotel, Outlaw, Anthem (A5) and now this Sunfire (which I'm leaning keeping as it's holding the compromise well enough between HT and 2 channel).
Audio TeKne, Auditorium 23 !! , Nanotec strada # 79 ( nano 3 or not).
But they will have to match with your speaker-amp !!
fwiw the one time I listened to Cardas Golden Cross with my Maggie 1.6 speakers I hated it. It was the most lifeless sound I ever got from my stereo. Maybe it would be better in someone elses rig who knows...
I am going to suggest Cardas Cross, although you'll have to buy them used for your price point.

I will simply say this-let your ears make the decision & don't let anybody influence that.

I whole heartedly second all of Gregg Straley's Reality Cable products. Fantastic bargain and amazing performance. Transparent as all hell and super detailed without harshness. However be careful with his tube interconnect, it doesn't work with all tube amps (like mine: an Art Audio Carissa). His speaker cables are THE BEST (certainly for the $$$).
Consider the Oyaide PA-02 ICs. Furukawa manufactured continuous cast copper wire, about $130 per 1m pair (won't lose much in resale) - what's not to like for a trial?
Another Gregg Straley Reality Cable convert here. Plenty of feedback and valuable information on A-gon and other sites. I got 'em and haven't looked back.
I own Straley speaker cables, and I own PA-02 interconnects, which I use betwen my preamp and amps. I have auditioned Straley XLR interconnects, which I tried between my digital source and preamp.

IMO, the Straley wire is more natural sounding than the PA-02, while still being transparent/neutral.

However, I have not compared PA-02 and Straley wire in exactly the same application.
Harmonic Techonlogy Fantasy Speaker Cables. They don't sound like anything but real music though. Not sure if they are warm or not.
Warm plus Detailed = Audioquest Type 4. WAY under $500.00 even if you biwire.
Warm speaker cables in my system were older MIT 2 and Audioquest Indigo and Sumiko OCOS. When I say warm I mean they had less resolution and transparency. I really like the Signal Cable Ultra cable, cheap, detailed and a pleasing bass response which is my definition of warm. You don't want a lack of transparency and detail.

Glad to hear some posters mention the Straley's. I believe I'm headed there next.
after trying some stuff i would also recommend the reality cables. I would at least audition them..
That's easy ... Alpha Core Goertz MI2 meets your criteria - excellent value.
I'm also a fan of Alpha Core. I use their MI cables in one of my rigs, their AG cables in another rig. Each has perfect synergy in it's rig.
Purist Audio Design Museus 2.5m speaker cable for about $500 NEW. These are warm sounding cables, very black background. No grain. Good stuff
Hi Paul,

Try the Analysis Plus BLack Ovals. I'm a fan of copper too and I've switched to all AP in my system.

PS. I'm still thinking about your 938's :)
I've been very happy with my Pear Comice speaker cables. I think you can pick up a pair on auction for a decent price that is well under your budget.