'warm' cables?

Is there such a thing? Is there a brand that is recognized as being particularly 'warm' sounding or would this largely be system dependent?
Have you tried searching the archives? I believe there are already a handful of threads discussing this very topic.
I tried searching 'warm cables' with no results, maybe I have to try other search terms? I know I've read about this before, but don't know if a thread is dedicated to it or am coming up with nothing in my searches...
Cardas Cables are warm sonding particularly the Golden Cross.
Harmonic Technology cables are warm sounding
Type "warm" into the Keyword window and selected the Cables category.
I just did this and got a list of threads.
Thanks Tvad, I never used that search function - that is handy!
Cardas always seems to come up as a recommendation for "warm". I tried some quadlink 5cs in my system and they were warm like a pair of earmuffs, with about as much detail.
I second the Cardas Golden Cross as a cable that is warm sounding.
I'd add Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference to the list.
legenburg by capativa--copper hollow core cables
Thanks guys!

Chuck - any particular cable from HT I should focus on?
I found the PRO 9 Plus to be a nice warm cable
If you've not got what you want yett... Soundstring, SR Resolution Ref X2, Audience, Golden Cross is, but it's a rear of hall experience, IMO. Neutral Ref is better if mids are the focus... almost entirely... good bass but the top end is better Nirvana SX Ltd, Shunyata Altair, both present a great musical event, with the SX being the warmer or the two.. but either are very well mannered, and none of the ones i've listed here are anything near bright or etched, or grainy... unless something upstream is that way. oh, and the Voodoo reference is a nice warm wire. if a modest price is intended.... I picked the SR Res Ref x2 Active xlr as the main IC for me. I understand now SR has a new line up with shorter names and better (?) sound... but am unfamiliar with the new offerings.... Acoustic ??? was pointed to me as a step up from Sig 10 spkr cables. though form other sources, the Accelorator is supposedly near as good for lots less dough. SR offers a mighty good bang for the buck too, if you get it get active shielding. Big diffs over unsheilded.
Cardas , Magnan , Acoustic Zen = considered as warm sounding cables.