warm amp ss around 650

I have a pair of Von Schweikert vr2100 within an HT system, that has a decent bypass to 2ch. (the vr2100 are the mains). I need a 2ch amp. for under $650 that is warm, laid back, smooth... prefer to try solid state. Any suggestions (considering the used market of Audiogon.)? (sorry, made a mistake with my previous thread, don't need a integrated amp, just stereo amp because I can use my pre-processor with the 2ch bypass as the volume attenuator? for the 2ch amp.)

Conrad Johnson Sonographe SA250 might be an option to consider. Warm and smooth yes, but not the last word in detail. Won't be more than $650 used, might even find one for around $500. I had the larger SA400 and liked it quite a bit, but I've since gone tube.
i would second the recomendation of the sonographe.
I've got the Odyssee Stratos dual mono, and I find it relatively warm for a SS amp, without quite good detail. The stereo version, I've heard, is quite good too. It may well be worth trying to extend your budget by $100 or $150 to get the stereo version with the capacitor upgrade. I've seen them as low as $700, and there is one currently listed for $800. Worth looking into!
Even though you don't really need the integrated amp, I would recommend the Audio Analogue Puccini integrated amplifier. I bought the SE Remote version for my parents last year for $700 used on Audiogon and was very impressed. A quick internet search will give you all the details.
There are some Musical Design amps for sale here on Audiogon. They are smooth, warm, tube-like, etc. Musical Design uses high quality components such as Mosfets to get the smooth tube-like sound. They are high current and pretty much bullet-proof. They can also be upgraded later by Musical design.