WARM 5 channel amp - suggestions?

With a budget of $2500 ish (could go more, or happy to save less) but nothing outrageous either direction - if you needed a 5 channel amp what would be your suggestions for an amp. Could be new (based on street prices) or used (I'm open to it if in solid shape).

I DO believe there are sonic differences in amps as I've done enough a/b testing DB matched etc. I don't think differences are great, but I do believe differences exist. I don't need a ton of power (call it 100-150 wpc) and I'm good, but more certainly can't hurt.

The other thing, I'm not real big on fan cooled amps.

Butler Audio 5150!! After years with a solid performing Rotel RMB-1095 I too wanted something warmer and purchased this 5 channel tube hybrid amp. Has been a major upgrade to my system. A bit over your price range, but worth every penny in my opinion.
Marsh, Butler, McIntosh
Butler is very nice. So was my H/K Signature 2.0 - that amp had "only" 100 watts/ch. but VERY high current delivery. About $350-500 for well kept units...

Conrad Johnson.
B&K Reference 200.5 or Reference 7250. Both are almost identical amps(7250 older) with mosfet output transistors that have a more "warmish" tone. Plenty of power to drive most speakers out there.

Used Pass Labs X5 is in your range.
NAD T977
Parasound is an option, you might find the Halo A51 for under 3000. Their lower tier 5250v2 is also an option, although it's recently been discontinued. Audio Advisor has a demo on sale for 2000. These are both 250 watts per channel so they might be too much for some small speakers.
Parasound Halo A51 or A52
A Theta Intrepid is a lot of 5 channel amp for the price. I think new they're going for around $1,800. They run cool no matter how hard they're pushed. I've had mine for around six years and while I've up-graded most everything else, the Intrepid remains.
Thanks for the responses. Based on what I have read I thought Parasounds were a bit more neutral to bright?

Would love pass labs, but price and space dictates an all in one amp.

Butler is what I am leaning towards. Interesting that it's even warmer than Rotel? I like the fact it is US built. While I can't find a pre-pro that is US built I trust... I feel I can with an amp. (either a US or Canadian built amp)
Is there a place where you can hear one of the big NAD amps? They would fit the bill in terms of warm to neutral sound combined with a wide dynamic envelope in your price range, if you are not completely committed to North American manufacture.