Wanting to uppgrade old NAD preamp/amp

There's so much out there! Any response would be useful, my goal is to up grade my old NAD pre-amp/ 2155 amp setup with a entry level price integtated or pre/amp set-up. Does any one have any personal feedback on mfg's to look at ( under $1000 cdn ). I have B&W speakers and Cambridge Audio D500 CD player, Rega 3 table/Linn K3, but need new power!
If you are coming in at around $700.00US you might consider starting out with just a preamp (with phono) and continue to use the NAD power amp. You may be able to pick up a nice used tube Conrad Johnson pre with phono at that price.
Even though you appear to work for the gov't, I'll try to help anyway. Just kidding. There has quite a few threads on integrateds lately, I'd suggest an Audio Refinement Complete, built under license by YBA. You'll find them used for around $700 U.S. and well worth the money spent. ATB, Jeff
You're in Canada, so save a bit more than $1K and go for some used Bryston equipment. Even the 1980s preamps (.5B, 11B, 12B)and their 60 wpc power amp (2B-LP) will blow Nad away, plus, of course they last forever and will never cost you a penny in service. For the best possible sound, look around for a Bryston B-60 integrated; if you can find someone in Canada who hasn't already targeted the U.S. market (where Bryston sells for about 30% more than in Canada), you might be able to get one for $1300-1500. You won't do better without spending twice or three times as much.