Wanting to try a tube amp.

Looking at  an ARC Ref 110 to go with my Ls28se. Used is fine with me want to keep it under 4k. I only stream thru a node 2i and Audio Mirror iii se. Speakers are GE Triton Refs. Any other thoughts for me? Room is 14 wide 24 deep 8 high. Listen to mainly Pink Floyd, ELP,  and rock in general. Don't play loud, about 75db. I'm already deaf and have a pretty decent noise floor in my head to compete with. Thanks.
Try the Audio Mirror Reflections. You got the DAC. Had PL integrated amps and power amps till I got Vlads amps. Auto-bias and you can roll the 6SN and L tubes. Gave me the sound I was looking for. Love em. 
We are agolden ear dealer and we just got in a fantastic trade.un prima luna dialogue hp with kt 150 which give 96 watts the combo sounds fantastic

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The range of recommendations vary widely in how they sound. Have you heard many tube amps and can you describe what appeals to you? Both tube type and individual design matter. The difference between great OTL, and different pull pull tube type amps is like comparing a great sports car to a great SUV to a great sedan. All can be great, but which are you looking for? 
Personally, I love the sound of Atma-Sphere OTLs and the M60s would be a great value and plenty for your speakers. Speedy, airy and spacious with beautiful natural tone.
BAT 6C33C designs are proven, evolved and convenient w/auto-biasing. Ballsy bottom end and a slightly darker tonal balance. 
If you are inclined to stick with ARC, I've heard comments from a famous speaker designer about how much better the KT150 is vs. the KT120. Lots has been written on this topic and I'd suggest sticking w/the KT150-based designs if ARC is your cup of tea. IMHE, many ARC power amp owners end up dissatisfied after large investments and move sideways cost-wise to other options that make them happier. ARC built their rep on their preamps for good reason. 
Quicksilver may not look the sexiest, but their owners satisfaction and their longstanding reliability are worth noting.  Cheers,
Moofoo- just curious, hat is a Vlad amp?
“Had PL integrated amps and power amps till I got Vlads amps.”

He is correct. Different topologies will give you a different sound. You should really listen to some different tube amps before making a decision.

ARC sounds somewhat cold to my ears, whereas CJ sounds warmer. Mcintosh will sound different still. It all comes down to what you expect a tube amp to sound like and picking one that meets those expectations.

Maybe save up and go to the RMAF or one of the other audio shows. That way you can audition plenty of amps in one place and make an informed decision as to what sounds best to you.