Wanting to try a tube amp.

Looking at  an ARC Ref 110 to go with my Ls28se. Used is fine with me want to keep it under 4k. I only stream thru a node 2i and Audio Mirror iii se. Speakers are GE Triton Refs. Any other thoughts for me? Room is 14 wide 24 deep 8 high. Listen to mainly Pink Floyd, ELP,  and rock in general. Don't play loud, about 75db. I'm already deaf and have a pretty decent noise floor in my head to compete with. Thanks.
The PL Evo 400 is a wonderful amp. I’ve heard it a few times and it’s extremely impressive. It’s also a real bargain for the price. I wouldn’t think twice about getting one if I didn’t already have McIntosh gear. Speaking of which, I have the MC275 which is just excellent and you can get a used one in the 4s. It’s a lot of power for a tube, but the downside is that you’re limited to just KT88s unlike the PL Evo 400. 
+1 on Atmasphere my buddy drives a pair of Devore 88's with an S-30 and loves it.
Bob Latino VTA-120. More than enough watts for your speakers. Get the capacitor upgrades. 
I’m running the Carver Crimson 275 with my Goldenear references..  love the sound, no problems driving to 100 db.  But listen at about 85 db max..
You want amazing sound with tube protection then look no further than Octave. You could try their RE 320 or RE 290.
I use their V70 Class A (KT-150) with Super Black Box & it's stunning.