Wanting to try a tube amp.

Looking at  an ARC Ref 110 to go with my Ls28se. Used is fine with me want to keep it under 4k. I only stream thru a node 2i and Audio Mirror iii se. Speakers are GE Triton Refs. Any other thoughts for me? Room is 14 wide 24 deep 8 high. Listen to mainly Pink Floyd, ELP,  and rock in general. Don't play loud, about 75db. I'm already deaf and have a pretty decent noise floor in my head to compete with. Thanks.
Back to the topic; I might try a Conrad-Johnson or a Prima Luna. The ARC gear can be a little dry and I would want to give the ARC pre a little more flavor with a musical amp. 
Thanks Russ69.         That's kinda what I was thinking about different sound. That's why I went with the Audio Mirror. This is my first tube set. I started speakers first, preamp second, dac next now amp. I have always ran SS. Starting in '77' with my Sansui 9090. Lots of info on tube sounds with the Prima Luna. 
I would also consider Atmasphere amps.
A quick check showed the ARC amps you are looking at are near $10K.
Considering your speakers are so efficient, I bet you'd get away with a lower powered amp. 
I own Atma MA-1's and they drive my slightly less efficient Vandy Treo's with ease.
And, dealing with Ralph Karsten is always pleasant. If you are interested, call him, he might have a demo available for a very reasonable price.
The VAC IQ series has balanced inputs, auto-bias as well as strong circuit protection.
I have a conrad johnson mv55 and it sounds amazing. It doesn't have balanced inputs, but that wasn't important to me and they can be had for about 1400 bucks. I build my own tube amps as well, but when I heard the mv55 I knew that I REALLY had to step up my diy game...lol

Its a good sounding amp playing through 94db speakers (audio nirvana super alnico 15" full range drivers in a ported bass reflex cabinet about as big as I am) and I never have to go past the 9 o'clock position on my preamp volume knob. Plenty of head room with enough to spare. I will never get rid of this amp. I absolutely love it.