Wanting to test my system's (and room) ability to recreate bells - any suggestions?

This isn't a, 'I gotta fever for more cowbell' thread. I already made the joke so you wouldn't feel inclined.
Looking for music riddled with expansive quality reverberant bells - maybe tracks with only bells or chimes (maybe any metallic percussion pieces). This might naturally lead to holiday music. That's ok, but hoping for something outside the Christmas theme. If there are folks doing covers of everything with Cellos (2Cellos), there must be some great recordings out there with all bells. Give me a 'ring' if anything comes to mind - thanks!
@elevick Tubular Bells is apparently The Exorcist theme or the movie Holloween - or both. And who would have guessed there would be so many versions! That could make for an interesting Holloween rave party! One of my favorites... "Brand Blank Dubstep Remix", and on the "Extended" version if you wait (or ff) after the bridge at 5:20 - it nearly restarts with a nice uplifting bell-focused jam. Thanks for the recommend, even if it didn't go as planned.

@pjr801 GFR, "Booze and ladies keep me right, as long as we can make it to the show tonight. We're an American band..." What a great song with that pronounced back-beat. Terrific motorcycling song!

@millercarbon  Duke Ellington - Jazz Party (1959) - Malletoba Spank, what a great collection of percussion - loaded with various bells and xylophone (or is it some wood-plate instrument - or maybe toms)? Really hits the spot - thanks!

@hifijunky  Brothership - the first track of this group added to the playlist!

@qdrone Xylophone - a favorite instrument

Tony Minasian's " Drums and Bells ", is a CD recording you need to have in your collection. It can be sampled on the net. Tony is a genius, as I wish, more would ( or could ) record, as he does. He knows microphone qualities, and the techniques in using them, like no other.......You are welcome ! Enjoy !
2nd Mrdecibels suggestion of Tonian Labs Drums & Bells , I think one of the most realistic instrumental recordings ever made .

Chatting with Tony Minasian the most interesting thing about recordings is his equipment he uses which as he tells me is nothing out of the ordinary however what is out of the ordinary is his collection of recording microphones last check was valued at over $250,000.00 .
What makes Tony’s recordings truly remarkable and realistic sounding is Tony’s own modifications of some of these microphones.
There are a few releases that are easily found by doing a search or go to his web page Tonianlabs.com .

Finally I don’t personally know Tony Minasian nor have I ever met him in person . I occasionally use his recordings for shock value and I do recommend Tony’s recordings very enthusiastically,