Wanting to sell speakers but don’t know how to price them......

I am thinking of selling a pair of B&W 804S; either that or my 803S.

The 804S: one is pristine, the other has a small chip in the back and a small blemish where it was bumped. I’d rate them at 8/10.

The 803S: both are pristine.  Overall 9.5/10

I’ve looked online for comparable examples but could not find any. It is currently January 2019.

I’d appreciate any feedback. :D
Items can only be rated in full point increments (10, 9, 8, etc.) on the Audiogon scale.

There are no partial point increments, so they can't, by definition, be rated at 9.5, 9.25, 9.375 etc. on the Audiogon scale.
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You can use the blue book, and you can see prices on completed ebay listings.  I owned 803s, and kept track of the prices often.  I think you'll find the 803s (or 803S) are worth between 2500 and 3000, and the 804s are worth 1700 to 2200.  That's my estimate, which is worth about as much as you paid for my thoughts.  :-)

Original boxes and packaging are critical.  Truly good condition is also critical to get the best price, obviously.  Take a lot of pictures to document the condition.  Also, they are hard to ship, so take more pictures as you pack them to ship, so you have an accurate record of the condition before shipping.  
Pair 804S sold this week in Portland OR.  New $4000 Asking price $1795.  Do not know the final price only the asking.  See the ad here.