Wanting to get into Vinyl - Need help

I'm a complete neophyte when it comes to turntables and vinyl. Recently I've gotten the itch to take the plunge, but I'm a bit out of my element so I'm looking for suggestions.

My system is Rotel electronics and Vandersteen 2 ce sigs. Nothing grandiose, but I like the sound and it fits my budget. I currently have a Denon DP300F with a Ortofon RED cartridge upgrade on order. The TT won't be in until April so of course this has given me time to look around and read more reviews. Now I'm having second thoughts, and I'm debating changing/canceling my order.

The phono preamp I've decided on is the Musical Fidelity V-LPS MKII. I've also kicked around the NAD PP3i, but the the reviews don't seem as favorable. Any others I should be looking at?

Now for the TT options. The "short list" in my price range seem to be the Rega RP1, Music Hall MMF2.2, Pro-ject Debut III. These three seem pretty indistinguishable from eachother. I guess the Denon DP300F could fit into this catagory as well. I've also seen suggestions for looking at used "vintage" TT's but honestly I wouldn't know what I'm looking for. I don't want something twitchy that I have to lube or whatever people do :) I would consider a more modern used TT if the price is right.

I'm not planning on being a tweaker here. I just want to play music. Can someone help me whittle this pack of TT's down to a choice?

One other thing.....as others have mentioned, I would definitely recommend a cleaning system of some kind especially if you want the lowest noisefloor possible. (Which IMO is really the only thing I miss from CD's at this point during playback.)

Buddy of mine has the Spin Clean and while I think it's a good solution, I'm glad I paid a bit more for the KAB-EV1 as the vacuuming of the cleaning solution and debris off the record really seems to make a large difference. Even my friend has commented that he wished he went for the KAB over the Spin Clean as the difference was pretty noticeable in back to back playing of records cleaned with the Spin Clean and then cleaned with the KAB.
I had a KAB-EV1 and it worked very well but I eventually wanted something a little easier to use and got a VPI 16.5, feel like that was a great upgrade. Now thinking about a loricraft. It never ends.
Wanted to clarify my prior message. Don't want to discourage you from getting into vinyl. I jumped back into vinyl after a long hiatus about 3 years ago and absolutely love it. Just making the point that analog can be a money pit and the "upgrade" potential is almost limitless. I originally bought a Rega P3-24 with clear audio aurum and an EAR 384P and thought I was done. I've since upgraded my main set up two additional times trying to reach the holy grail. Of course, it did not stop there. I have also become interested in older idler drives and have commissioned a refurbed Garrard 301. As the saying goes, be carefuful what you wish for!

Do you really think the endless upgrade potential and/or urge is limited to vinyl playback? How many people have gone through amp upgrades? Speaker upgrades? CDP/DAC upgrades? It never ends for a lot of people.

Not being condescending at all here; hopefully it's not taken that way.
I've been looking at whats available here on Audiogon. There is a listing for a Denon DP1100 turntable w/sumiko mmt and custom plinth at $500. He'll include a Denon DL160 Cart as well.

Any thoughts or better suggestions for something between $400 - $600?