Wanting opinions about preamps

I'm just curious what you all might think about a decision I'm needing to make.
I currently have a McIntosh C-45 Solid State preamp in my office with a Mac MC-275 tube amp. It's a great office setup, but I also have a McIntosh C-220 tube preamp new in the box that I haven't opened yet. I really need to sell one of them, but was wondering what others' personal preferences would be between the two preamps. I currently use a C-2200 in my living room system and like it, but I've read some reviews about the C-220 that sat it's a little light on the low end compared to the 2200... I hate to unbox the C-220 if I'm going to end up selling it in the end.
Well... Actually, I'm dying to unbox the C-220 and play with it, but I feel like it would be worth more in the box if I decide to sell it.
Thanks for your input,
Sell it as is, new in box, you will get the most for it that way. Then keep the pre you know you like already. If you want to play with a new preamp you can always try my favorite tubed pre which is the AE-3 still available at Upscale audio new for $1200 or the Mapletree both of which use octal tubes for gain stages i.e. 6SN7s or 12SN7s or SL7s etc.
Since no warranty is transferable with a MAC. I would open it and try it. Not many folks would even believe a 'new in box' anyway. No one would buy it and let it sit, then sell it for a loss unless something wierd was going on.
I am always skeptical of claims of new in box. So IMO, you might just as well try it. Then you can claim you just wanted to make certain it is in proper working order.
As if it IS DOA and you never checked it out... Since only YOU have any warranty.
To appease the sceptical,the 220 is a trade up piece from the Mac trade in program. I traded my old C39... Looking forward to some knowledgable responses. Thanks!
Not meaning to muddy the waters for you, but when I had my MC275 MKV, I had great success paring it with the Aesthetix Calypso with Telefunken smooth plate 12AX7's & Amperex SQ 6922's. I also upgraded the driver tubes of the MC275 with NOS Mullard CV4004 Platinum's and Sylvania Gold label 6201's.
I currently have four of these amps. Two with Gold Lion KT-88's and two with the stock Mac KT-88 tubes.
The two with Gold lion tubes are run in mono and the Mac tubes are used in stereo...
I like the Gold Lions better, but am anxious to try other options.
Maybe less typo's in this post... (oops)
Thanks for the advice.